Treasure Cave HTML version

The Greanwold Quest — Treasure Cave
The road from the top of Old Tom‘s Hill led straight down into the main street
of the small seaside town of Ocean Park. Keegan Clarke stood aside the crossbar
of his well used mountain bike. The look on his face was grim as he cinched up
his chinstrap. His long blonde hair stuck out at all angles from under his helmet.
He had blue eyes and an infectious grin and was wearing an old sun bleached T-
shirt, baggy shorts and runners with no socks. Leaning over the handlebars, he
stared down the steep hill that fell away before him. He checked his watch.
“OK, this is it.” he muttered under his breath.
Releasing his brakes, he pedaled fiercely and then let the momentum carry him
off down the hill. He glanced up from his head-down position over the
handlebars and saw the town loom closer – much closer and very, very quickly.
In fact – too quickly. He was sure he was close to the speed of sound. His eyes
were watering. As he sped down the last part of the hill and entered the main
street he glanced at his watch and then lifted one hand into the air, pumped
once and let out an exhilarating whoop.
There was a startled look on the faces of several townsfolk as they jumped out
of the way. Dogs ran for cover and cats scurried up trees for safety. Keegan
zoomed through Main Street and headed right for the front door of the General
Store halfway down the street. Both his hands pumped the brake handles with
no noticeable effect. Keegan glanced up to see the doors of the store rushing
towards him – far too quickly but it was too late.
“Uuuuh Oooooooooh!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!”
Inside the store, Mr. Shama, the wise and mysterious proprietor leaned over the
counter reading his morning paper.
A kindly looking man with a soft voice, longish gray hair and bright laughter-