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Transgender Erotica: A Hot Romance of Forbidden Love HTML version

I have been a pastor for about twenty-five years now. Of those twenty-five years, I enjoyed about
twenty-three of them. O verall, it has been a great experience. I was able to get in touch with
sides of myself that I did not even know existed. I honestly believe that I have become a better,
well-rounded person that has a lot more to offer to the rest of the world. I used to think of every-
one else and what they wanted before taking myself into consideration. I would always stress
over whether or not I was doing the right thing. It always seemed to be all about doing the
“right” thing. It was never about doing what was best for me or what I wanted. When people en-
courage you to become a pastor, they focus on how much that will benefit everyone else. They
do not concentrate on the fact that it could potentially hurt you.
Like I said, the first twenty-three years were great. The last two have been significantly different
than what I would have expected. As a middle-aged white man, I feel as though I am in relatively
good shape. I have a muscular chest and arms, tan skin, and stand at 6’2”. Recently, I have had to
convince myself to stay focused on my health because I have been letting myself go. I think I
just got tired of it all. I was tired of doing the right things, saying the right things, being the best
person possible. I have been married for thirty years; I love my wife very muchâ€" we are very
happy together. Just like I love my religion and what I have to offer, I would never give that up.
However, I just got bored as fuck! I was tired of making soft, sweet love to my angelic wife. I
got tired of talking about peace, love, and harmony with the rest of the congregation. I realized I
am swiftly approaching forty- five, and I have nothing that I am excited about. I have no adven-
ture in my life. I don’t ever have fun; I don’t ever feel a sense of wonder or curiosity. I was just
completely fucking bored. It was not even as though I gradually had this realization. It all of a
sudden happened at once. O ne morning, I woke up and took a look around at my life and did not
like what I saw. I had to do something different to shake it all up. I wanted to feel different, to be
a different man, to live a different life. As a pastor, I was not willing to quit my job. Even though
I was preaching about living a life with no sin, I began to sin all the time. I started to see the ap-
peal of sinning.
The same day I realized my life was complete shit, I did something I have only done a few times
in my entire lifeâ€" I went to a bar. I sat on my bar stool, shifting my weight from side to side,
listening to the bar stool screech with each movement. I did not really know what I was even
doing there; it just seemed right at the time. Whenever you see a movie character trying to figure
out where their life went wrong, they do it at a bar. So I figured there was maybe some magical
ingredient I was missing from my life that could be figured out over a couple of whiskeys on the
After about an hour and three drinks in, someone arranged themselves on the barstool next to
mine. He ordered a vodka and tonic, as well as another whiskey for me. When I turned to look at
him, he was already staring at me. He took a sip of the vodka tonic, leaving a red lipstick print
behind on the glass. I was not really sure what to make of it. He was very feminine for having
such broad shoulders and a wide stance. He seemed to be a transgender black man transitioning
into a woman. He had just enough makeup for it to be noticeable but maintained a natural look.
He was wearing tight pants and a plunging fitted shirt. I was not sure what to make of the situa-