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Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body
3.4 The Top Fitness Foods to Stock Your Cabinets With…Making
Smart Choices Starts at the Grocery Store
In most of my newsletters, I like to provide a healthy snack or meal recipe that not
only is delicious, but also helps to get you closer to that hard-body appearance that
everyone is looking for. In this section, I'd like to give you healthy food ideas in a
different way. This time, I figured I'd just give you some ideas of what I stock my
kitchen with. Remember, if you don't have junk around the house, you're less likely
to eat junk. If all you have is healthy food around the house, you're forced to make
smart choices. Basically, it all starts with making smart choices and avoiding
temptations when you make your grocery store trip. Now these are just some of my
personal preferences, but perhaps they will give you some good ideas that you'll
Alright, so let's start with the fridge. Each week, I try to make sure I'm loaded up
with lots of varieties of fresh vegetables. During the growing season, I only get
local produce, but obviously in winter, I have to resort to the produce at the grocery
store. Most of the time, I make sure I have plenty of vegetables like zucchini,
onions, asparagus, fresh mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, red peppers, etc. to use in
my morning eggs. I also like to dice up some lean chicken or turkey sausage into
the eggs, along with some swiss, jack, or goat cheeses. Coconut milk is another
staple in my fridge. I like to use it to mix in with smoothies, oatmeal, or yogurt for a
rich, creamy taste. Not only does coconut milk add a rich, creamy taste to lots of
dishes, but it's also full of healthy saturated fats. Yeah, you heard me...I said
healthy saturated fats! Healthy saturated fats like medium chain triglycerides,
specifically an MCT called lauric acid. If the idea of healthy saturated fats is foreign
to you, check out an eye-opening article at called "The Truth
about Saturated Fats".