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1. Forrest
I had no idea what made my idiot and sometimes harebrained mother
waste most of our savings and buy a house in an extremely small town
that held no interest for me.
I huffed like the teenager I was and crossed my arms, looking out
my new bedroom window in a sulk. The room itself was a pale yellow,
tiny with a built in wardrobe to my right and all my stuff to the left next
to the bedroom door. It was a good thing I didn’t have a lot of things or
there was no way it all fit. Turning around, I spotted a bag and walked
over to it. I unzipped it and sitting on top was a photo of mum and I that
was taken on my sixteenth birthday with me looking happy for once.
My father, Saul Morrison, had decided to walk out on us when I was
very young. That was the last time I saw him. Mum had used the money
that he had to pay her in child support to save up for a house and work-
ing two jobs had helped a lot. Otherwise, we would have been in a lot of
trouble when it came down to the punch. Mum relied on the help of my
grandparents to look after me while she worked her heart out just to
put food on the table and money for a home deposit.
Which brings us to this small town Forrest; population: around 170
people. Apparently, the cheapest houses were in this town and we
couldn’t afford much. Either that or mum didn’t have enough money for
a better and bigger house that might have made me happy about living
in this small upon small town.
“Brianna, can you give me a hand with some of this stuff?” mum
called down from the living room.
“Just a second,” I shouted back.
Mentally I thought that she should do all the work on her own since
she dragged me to this place with nothing but force, but she had done
enough in her life time and I wasn’t that type of person. Everything was
dumped everywhere as I walked down the hall way. It was a miracle
that I didn’t trip and land flat on my face from all the clutter and mess
that was everywhere.