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“Top Secrets to Little-Known Article Marketing Strategies”
Affiliate programs are the quickest way to make money on the Internet.
And they can make you great money - in some cases around a million
dollars a year! Here you'll see how affiliate programs work, including an
example based on the popular all hidden secrets affiliate program. You will
also discover the method I take to generate sales.
What is an Affiliate Program?
Thousands of companies have put up websites where people can buy their
products and services. However, those websites are only useful if they get
visitors. No visitors equals no customers. To solve this, many companies
have created affiliate programs. The idea is that you attract customers to
the company's website. In return, they pay you an affiliate fee for each
purchase made by customers you referred. Depending on the product, that
fee can be up to 50% of the sales price! Later on you'll see exactly how to
attract customers.
Joining an affiliate program is easy and always free. First, select one you
like. Then complete a simple form with your details (so the company knows
where to send your checks). In return, they give you a unique affiliate ID.