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No fan of this generation-transcending work of science fiction can go without
experiencing the amazing gameplay that Rogue Leader has to offer. Featuring plenty of
amazing voice over work, sound effects that seem to pop right out of the move and a
gameplay that truly places you in the heat of the action, this game takes Star Wars
interactivity to a whole new level. The game also features a whole array of ships ranging
from the well known X-Wing to the more obscure A-Wing as players fly off in missions
that coincide with the events of the original trilogy.
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
We have a love-hate relationship with this game. Silicon Knights was given plenty of
freedom with the remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game for the Playstation and
had it graphically updated for the GameCube. The result is a visually stunning work of art
that comes pretty close to the graphics for Sons of Liberty on the PS2. The gameplay has
also been adjusted to bring in controls and functions available in the PS2 sequel.
The downside is that the Knights had a little too much freedom with Twin Snakes. While
the general storyline has not been changed, minor character details have been adjusted.
Otacon has become a Nintendo fanboy, Snake has turned into a bit of an acrobat –among
others. While the canon story has not been altered, fans of the series felt that the changes
were too out of character. Still, for those who have yet to play the MGS series, this title is
a great way to be initiated into the world of stealth based action gameplay.
Animal Crossing
Oh, we already know, there is Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Wii. But somehow,
nothing beats the charm and feel of the original AC for the GameCube. Most importantly,
this is a great way for old GC owners to continue their towns and their game. The GC
version of this life simulation game plays a lot simpler and less stylized than the newer
version –which is something that a lot of the older fans of the series would appreciate.
In any case, if you have been missing out on KK Slider’s weekend concerts and are not
planning to play the new AC game, this might be the best time to take the game out of
storage and pop it in for a trip back to your town.
Party Host and More: the Nintendo Wii
The Wii is taking the concept of friendly get-togethers into a whole new realm with its
motion gaming controls and multiplayer functionalities. Of course, figuring out which
titles to go for is not exactly the easiest thing to do –especially when there are hundreds
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