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One of the first things you should do is to confirm the set up of the sensor bar. From you
Wii’s system menu, you can set the configuration of the sensor to assume that it is
located on top or the bottom of your TV screen.
Another factor to consider is if there are lights in front of the TV and lights behind you.
The sensor bar may accidentally pick up IR feedback from lights and other devices
behind you. Be sure to look around your playing area to see if there might be items that
are interfering with your system’s performance.
Lastly, check the overall lighting. In some cases, the light in the room may be too strong
and is interrupting the feed between the controller and the sensor. You may choose to
turn off the lights or diffuse it a little to allow for a better level of communication
between the WiiMote and the sensor bar.
Unable to Back Up Save Files
This is not really a hardware issue, but more of an incompatibility problem. According to
Nintendo, the Wii supports only certain SD cards. This can be a little annoying if the SD
card you currently have is incompatible with the console, but sadly, the only way to
remedy this issue is to purchase a brand new card. Nintendo lists SanDisk and BD&A as
officially compatible, but users are also recommended to update to version 4.00 or higher
of the system firmware to further improve compatibility.
So there you have it, three of the simplest quick-fixes for three of the main issues that Wii
owners tend to run into. However, if your Wii console is still suffering from issues, it is
advisable that you take it to the nearest authorized Nintendo service center for a quick
Backtracking on Your Wii: GameCube Gaming
One of the many great features about the Wii is that it is compatible with plenty of old
games. Many are already quite familiar with the many Virtual Console games which
allow you to play NES, SNES, N64, Megadrive and other platform titles on the Wii. Of
course, players will have to use the classic controller in order to play the games properly.
But one great feature of the Wii that is being overlooked is that it can play GameCube
games. There are four dedicated ports on the system to plug in the old GC controllers and
2 memory card slots for save file access. No need to worry about the smaller GameCube
discs, simply pop them into the disc tray and the Wii will automatically center it for you.
If you are asking, 'what is so good about the GameCube?’ -here is a quick list of our top
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