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3 Common Wii Issues Solved
It is easy to love the Nintendo Wii, it has plenty of great games, has a fun control system
and it is a gaming experience that you can easily share with friends and family. This is
why when something starts bugging up on the system, people will get worried. To help
ease things out, here are a few useful tips to try out before hurriedly bringing your system
to the nearest repair center.
Non-Responding WiiMotes
Now here is a common issue. After all, a WiiMote is how you control the console.
Without it, playing a game is practically impossible. So what do when things start going
First, check the batteries. These controllers use two AA batteries to run, so click on the
home button to see if how many of the four lights on the controller light up (more lights
mean higher charge). If the controller is not responding, you might want to replace the
So let us say you have all four lights indicating a full charge but the game is still not
responding to your commands. This may be a synchronization issue. Remember that your
controller is wireless and that the Wii has to detect it before the two can work together.
Simply press the red sync button near the SD card slot on your console to help your
system find the controller.
Inaccurate Aiming
More often than not, games will require you to make use of the infrared sensor to aim at
the screen and navigate menus, shoot guns and simply move things around. There are
occasions when this starts acting abnormally.
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