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About Alycia
Alycia Cheatham is also known as -Mz Home Biz“ raising a
daughter alone in a tough in any economy where two parent incomes rule. Alycia
discovered how to make a living at home online with internet marketing.
Alycia’s goal is to empower as many single Moms as possible and show them how
to build wealth with online marketing. Alycia truly believes that building a web
business with the power of the internet is the absolutely best way for moms to
achieve financial security and still be a big part of their children’s lives.
Alycia’s daughter is the reason she does all that she does; Her daughter is living
with Crohn’s Disease; for those of you that know of this disease or have family or
friends who are coping with it; you know how stressful it can be; not only on the
family, but the person living with it day in and day out.
With a work from home business Alycia is able to take the time she needs to take
her daughter to Dr’s appointments, get required test done and not have to worry
about losing her “day” job, because she needs too much time off. Being a “Work
at Home Momma“ affords Alycia to be a part of her daughter’s life instead
of just being in it!
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to rush? You could
make yourself breakfast and a cup of coffee, get the kids’ lunch packed and walk
the dog without so much as a glance at the clock to make sure you’re on time. You
wouldn’t have to fight rushhour traffic or the crowds on the subway. Sounds like
bliss, doesn’t it?
Start your home based business off on the right foot! Alycia wants to help you
discover a clear path to success and provide you with start up information,
resources and opportunities that will increase your profits and make working at
home a much more rewarding experience.
Maximum Success to You,
¨ -Alycia Cheatham, Maximizing Home Business Group
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