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#1: Practice Your Aim and Alignment

Yes, we will be talking about how to improve your swing. But before you swing you need to know where you want the ball to go. Seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how many golfers, those new and old to the game, miss this one crucial point. If you don’t properly aim, you can’t expect to get your ball to go where you want it to go. It doesn’t matter how great your swing is, without aim you have no shot. And in addition, your aim will determine where and how you stand next to the ball. So first, let’s concentrate on how you should set up your shot through properly aiming your ball.

To properly aim your shot:

• Draw an imaginary line to the target.
• Angle your clubface so that it is perpendicular
to the target at the end of that line.
• Align your body so that it is parallel to the line.


By definition, aim is the angle of your clubface when addressing the ball. The angle of the club should point towards where you want the ball to go. When you stand with your club directly behind the ball this is your opportunity to determine the exact position you want your club to be in when you hit the ball.

Therefore, you need to have your target in sight so as to know what angle your club face will be. But how do you square your clubface to a target that could be 400 yards away? A simple trick is to pick a spot just a few feet in front of the ball that is on the imaginary line. Then line up the clubface to that spot rather than the target that can be dozens or hundreds of yards away.

Secondly, you will need to align your body in relation to your target. This is called alignment. Your body’s position will help determine the path of your swing, and therefore the path of your ball.

To begin, look towards your target, whether it ’s the tee or a spot on the green. Then draw an imaginary line, a straight imaginary line, from your target to your ball. This is your ideal path. Next you will want to square up your clubface so that it points directly down this line towards the target. Second, you will align your body position so that it is also perfectly parallel to this line. When your club, clubface, and body are parallel you have good aim and alignment.
Now, if you have trouble creating an imaginary line you can try taking an extra club and laying it flat on the ground in front of your ball along a straight line towards your target. This will help you visualize the line and aid you in setting up your aim. Over time, and after much practice, you will be able to see the line without a visual aid.


Many golfers eschew aiming because it can seem tedious and time consuming. However, you will add strokes onto your game by having poor aim and alignment, and additional strokes are a worse fate than time. You only have one chance to take a shot, so make sure you set it up properly and don’t rush through this part of your swing.