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Top 10 Secrets of an Amazing Resume
Resume Secret #9
Bridge Those Trouble Spots
If you have one or more gaps in your resume, it’s a good idea to build a bridge from one
professional experience to the next—not with fibs or lies, but with the truth.
For example, suppose you worked as an administrative assistant from 2002-2008. But,
from 1999 ’til 2002, you were unemployed because you were ill or had a baby or took
time off to help your spouse launch a business. Whatever your reason, you may wonder
what to put on the resume so the gap won’t work against you.
What you can do
List the actions you took during your ‘employment break’ right along with your work
experiences. This approach will actually work in your favor, because it shows you as a
well-rounded person who uses your time productively and, in some cases,
unselfishly—especially if you helped a family member or volunteered for a needy cause.
By approaching your employment gap honestly, you also show your integrity. You’ll
build a trustworthy image and assure the hiring manager you’re someone who is
balanced and compassionate.
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