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Top 10 Secrets of an Amazing Resume
Resume Secret #3
Tell It Like It Is. Be Specific.
When you’re hungry for a sandwich you step up to the deli counter and ask for a turkey
on rye with lettuce and tomato or a tuna and Swiss on whole wheat. In other words,
you’re specific. If you’re in the market for a new car, you go to a dealership and ask to
see a Ford Taurus or a Toyota Highlander. And if you spot a book you’d like to buy,
you ask the clerk to ring up your purchase—whether for the new edition of Gone With the
Wind or Nitty-Gritty Grammar so you can get swept up in a classic American romance
or brush up on punctuation and mechanics.
Being specific is the essential key to getting what you want. Yet many job hunters
forget its importance when it comes to creating a resume for the job they’re eager to fill.
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