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Top 10 Secrets of an Amazing Resume
Resume Secret #5
Volunteering Adds Value
Many job seekers ask whether they should include volunteer work on their resumes
when seeking new employment. That’s certainly a question worth looking at.
Some employers are interested in seeing only the nuts-and-bolts details that show the
what and where of your employment history. Others want to see what you do in your
spare time. We’re not referring here to a round of golf on Saturday morning, but what
you do for the community as a volunteer.
Perhaps you donate a few hours each week to a homeless shelter for men or you’re part
of a literacy program for immigrants or you provide meals for the elderly.
This is important because it demonstrates community involvement and a excellent
sense of civic mindedness. But be sure to put volunteer activity in its proper place.
List your previous employment first—over the last ten or so years.
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