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Top 10 Secrets of an Amazing Resume
Resume Secret #6
Take Action by Using Action Verbs!
The right words on your resume can propel a hiring manager to the phone to contact
you for a job interview. The key? Action verbs.
Many job seekers write a whole paragraph when a sentence will do; explain their work
experience in excruciating detail when a simple phrase can convey the point; and
describe their entire background when a short, bulleted list would suffice. For example:
I have spent the last seven years developing and executing a plan of action that
included holding communication classes for new employees, making sure they are
onboard with the company’s policy, based on my ability to bring more clarity to
management’s relationship with foreign partners and also helping middle and
upper management get along better.
That kind of writing will land even the most well-qualified candidate’s resume in the
shredder. But that fate needn’t befall your resume. You can rise to the top of the job-
hunting crowd by using this secret tool: action verbs.
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