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Top 10 Pick Up Tips - The Secret Pick Up Method
How Successful Are You At Picking Up Women?
How many times have you been burned, turned down or outright ignored
by women that you've tried to hook up with?
Hell, striking up a conversation alone isn't always easy if you don't know
what to say, when to say it, or how to respond to her questions.
And then there are the guys who think a drink is her price of admission!
Do you want to be her "bar tab", or do you really want a fair shot at
leaving with her for the night?
Every time I go out I see the same guys, struggling to get attention, looking
awkward, nervous and outright ridiculous as they resort to all sorts of
drastic measures just to "get the girl".
Guess what? Those old fashioned, washed-up strategies NEVER work,
and if you get caught doing them, you'll lose any chance you ever had of
being successful with women.
But what if there was a way for you to capture the attention of ANY
woman you desired, while making HER do all of the work in striking
up conversation, while she strategizes how to get your phone number
from you before you move onto someone else?
Don't ever let shyness or lack of confidence control your game, again!