Tony Scram - Mafia Wheelman HTML version

The getaway driver had fifteen minutes to live. Even a desperate
night couldn't rook an extra five. Tony Scram, smashed to Hades,
vertigo buzzing. Buckshot sloshing his stomach. Blood oozing his
Manhattan loomed. Parkway feeding into the Lincoln Tunnel.
Speed limit, fifty. Watch the pin. Tony hit sixty, sixty three,
thumbing cruise. Ten to thirteen stays under the radar. Fifteen,
you might piss them off. Punch it higher, youÓre in a chase. They
box the tube, he dies. Two minutes burned. Thirteen bubbled.
Tony zipped the dog leg in the helix. The Empire State
Building huddled in a dark skyline to his left. A dive-bombing
straight away, elbow right, the tunnel tolls.
An out of focus road. Warped, waving. The head gremlin
busted in, tossing ScramÓs attic. Ripping wires, mashing brain