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I saw a video (―Hidden Dimensions: Exploring
Hyperspace‖ -
dimensions) in which it was stated that
mathematicians are free to imagine anything while
physicists work in a very different environment
constrained by experiment, and that
the American physicist Richard Feynman (1918-
1988) said scientists work in a straitjacket. Well,
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said ―Imagination is
more important than knowledge‖ so let‘s see what
happens when we throw away everyday tradition
and conformity, let our imaginations fly (while
trying to stay grounded in science and
technology), and thus release science from its
This article has its beginnings in cellular automata
(in mathematics and computer science, collections
of cells on a grid that evolve through a number of
discrete time steps according to a set of rules
based on the states of neighbouring cells) and
grew into a belief that the universe
(electromagnetism, gravitation, space-time and,
as we‘ll see, 5th dimensional hyperspace) has a
digital (electronic) foundation.
It logically leads to assertions of instant
intergalactic travel, time travel into the past as well
as the future (neither of which can be altered), of
unification of the large-scale universe with small-
scale quantum particles, that the universe is a
computer-generated hologram, that everyone who