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Professor Stephen Hawking
So let‘s give credit where credit is due
and encourage the scientists to pursue
the mathematics and measurements which we
may find boring and tedious, but let‘s remind
them occasionally that maths and measures are
nothing unless we all gain ―… some
understanding of the laws that govern the
universe and are responsible for our existence.‖
Beginning of
Intergalactic And Time Travel, Einstein's
Relativity, Bohr's Atomic Model, Dark Matter, Dark
And Negative Energy, String Theory / Unification,
The Law Of Conservation, And Combining
Newtonian And Relativistic Gravity With Standing
Waves And Quantum Probability Waves
With Liberated Science‘s
Implications For Religion And Philosophy As Well
As Everyday Life In The Light Of The Concept of
an Electronic And Holographic Universe Shaped
Like A Mobius Loop