Tom and the Flying Sofa: The Surprising World HTML version

What was that sound? Was it the engine? There it was again, this
low, rumbling noise. The flying sofa was trembling and losing speed,
and suddenly I could feel my heart beating and my hands shaking.
This is not going to end well, I thought, and tried to pull the sofa up
by jerking the stick towards me. Unfortunately, that didn’t help at all,
and the sofa was hurtling faster and faster to the ground.
A few hundred yards from impact, I suddenly felt a strong pull. The
sofa was going up and down, turning left and right, but once the chaos
subsided, I felt we were descending much more slowly than before.
Relieved and excited I looked up, and was pleased to see that I’d
somehow managed to press the right button, because our parachute
had opened beautifully.
The sofa was slowly winding its way down now, giving me time to
realize that I’d forgotten to charge the engine’s batteries overnight! I
promised myself to be a bit more careful in the future, as there were
too many things that I still wanted to see and do….
Luckily the winds weren’t very strong, and our final landing spot
wasn’t too far from Grandpa’s place. The landing itself was a bit
bumpy, but I survived with only a few scratches, and decided it was
time to head home for a break. Grandpa wasn’t up yet, so I went back
to my room and collapsed on my bed.
That’s when I remembered how my day had begun. I’d woken up
early; excited about the adventures to come. The flying sofa had been
waiting for me since my last visit, and she looked better equipped
than ever.
I had quickly started her up and steered her through my open
window. The weather was beautiful and the sofa carried me higher
and higher. A few large clouds floated above me like snow-covered
mountains. Below I could see Grandpa’s house and his vegetable
garden; the same garden in which Zara, the hare, had eaten so much
cabbage a few months earlier.