Tom and the Flying Sofa - Magical Encounters HTML version

I woke up covered in sweat. Even though it was dark, I knew that
something was there. The silence in my room was paralysing; my
arms felt like lead, and all I could sense was my rapidly beating heart.
Then, suddenly, I heard a rasping sound. I hadn’t imagined it after
all; something was hiding below my bed!
My thoughts were racing now. If I could manage to shout loudly
enough, perhaps my grandpa would wake up. But what if the creature
were to attack me before he arrived? I couldn’t think of anything to
defend myself with, so I dropped the idea and pretended to be asleep.
After it had been quiet for a while, I felt myself relax a bit more.
What was I actually afraid of? Maybe it was only a vivid dream? I
tried to see if I was awake by pinching my arm; it hurt so much I
could barely suppress a scream!
I needed to find out more about this intruder, but how? What could I
do to trigger a response? Perhaps I could snore! That way he wouldn’t
know that I was awake! I thought this was a great idea, and pretended
to snore as loudly as I could. A few moments later, something jumped
onto my bed, and slowly made its way towards my face. All I could
do was lie still, unable to move, until I heard purring sounds close to
my ear.
It was my grandpa’s cat! I couldn’t believe it! She must have
climbed up the tree to get to my open window! I felt relieved and
started to breathe normally again. The cat greeted me by pushing her
wet nose against mine.
‘You smell good,’ she meowed.
I was about to reply, when I suddenly realised that I was able to
understand her!
‘Are you sure I’m not dreaming?’ I asked the cat.
‘Many things are possible here,’ she declared, ‘as long as you are
‘Oh,’ was all I could say.
‘Well, young man, shouldn’t we finally introduce ourselves?’
‘My name is Thomas,’ I said, ‘but you can call me Tom.’