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Interlude--The Doctor's Story
It made me cry very much, that story, young Biffles told it with so much feeling. We
were all a little thoughtful after it, and I noticed even the old Doctor covertly wipe away a
tear. Uncle John brewed another bowl of punch, however, and we gradually grew more
The Doctor, indeed, after a while became almost cheerful, and told us about the ghost of
one of his patients.
I cannot give you his story. I wish I could. They all said afterwards that it was the best of
the lot--the most ghastly and terrible--but I could not make any sense of it myself. It
seemed so incomplete.
He began all right and then something seemed to happen, and then he was finishing it. I
cannot make out what he did with the middle of the story.
It ended up, I know, however, with somebody finding something; and that put Mr.
Coombes in mind of a very curious affair that took place at an old Mill, once kept by his
Mr. Coombes said he would tell us his story, and before anybody could stop him, he had
Mr Coombes said the story was called -