To Hell and Back HTML version

As he stared into the fire and the night closed around them, he couldn't know how
chillingly accurate Peters' advice would turn out to be.
Chapter Two
The sizzling of bacon Peter's cheerful whistle stirred Joseph from his slumber. Eggs,
bacon, fried tomato and coffee to start their first full day hiking through the rugged
After breakfast, they packed up their camp and started out. The crunching of their feet on
the ground was the only sound as they headed towards their destination: an old Indian
settlement abandoned hundreds of years ago. Only two people knew about it. Him and his
His dad had showed it to him a few months before he died.
Now only one person knew about it.
After dinner last night, Joseph had mentioned the site. Peter readily agreed about the
prospect of investigating it the next day.
“Sounds great we'll go check it out tomorrow,” Peter was excited.
They still had about an hour's hiking left and the icy silence was killing him. The
monotonous drumming of their feet drilled into his brain like a hammer.
“We should take some photos,” he prompted, hoping his enthusiasm didn't sound too
“Hey, neat idea!” Peter embraced the idea immediately.
Suddenly a deep throated roar greeted their ears and they turned in unison towards the
sound. A huge Cougar, rare in these parts was mere metres away.
“Run!” Peter hollered.
Joseph didn't have to be told twice. He headed for thicker terrain hoping to evade his
would be attacker, but he was surprised he didn't hear the heavy pounding of the
carnivorous cat close by.
“Wait, it’s not chasing us.” He glanced to his right, then his left and was stunned at the
sight that greeted him.
There was just rocks, trees, and shrubs, no Peter.
Without thinking, he rushed back to where they had been, but no sign of him.