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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Find Your Unique Customer For Your Jewelry Business
Every business needs a USP – Unique Selling Position
I have good news
………I have bad news.
Let’s go with the bad news first:
There are many competitors in the jewelry making industry. They too, want to sell their
designs to the public and make money. Some of them are good at what they do and
actually make some lovely jewelry. Some competitors have more money than you do
and can advertise more than you can.
Whew! Now that we have that behind us, here‟s the good news:
You are a unique person with a creative perspective and your jewelry will be a
reflection of your person and your skill. Your customers won‟t care about how much
money you have or don‟t have. They care about if you know about them, please them,
price for them, and design for them. It‟s all about them! SO, the better you know them,
and what they want, the more you can target them specifically and build your business.
What is a USP?
USP stands for “unique selling proposition”, or you could say, “unique selling position.”
What it means is this:
In the marketplace, you have to have a reason to be. There must be something about
you that is a reason for your products to exist; for you to compete with others for market
Are you going to position yourself to be the cheapest? Will you have all your beads
imported from Greece? Are you going to offer free shipping? Will your trademark be
pearls? Whatever you decide to become the focal point, the selling point for your
business, is your USP.
How do you find a USP?
You won‟t find an effective USP drinking coffee and eating a donut. You can dream up
what you want about your business, but to be successful, you need to base your USP on
what the market demands.
Your business will be successful if you are meeting a need, solving a
problem or making life better for your customer.
You will need to do some market research to determine what is missing for the
consumer and how you can help.
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