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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Prepare To Succeed In Your Home Based Jewelry Business
Draw a roadmap to take you where you want to go
It is not always a straight path to get where you want to go. In fact, the curves and
turns, detours and obstacles are what make the journey a mysterious and magical
Your first step in your home-based jewelry business is to plan to be successful. As you
know, many new ventures fail, and oftentimes it is because they failed to create a plan
for themselves. A plan will keep you focused on what is important and less distracted by
the interruptions.
So let’s get started.
1. Determine for yourself if your love of making jewelry is a hobby or if you can
see yourself producing under time deadlines, in large amounts, to appeal to the
other people‟s preferences and with materials that fit in the customer‟s budget.
2. Fortunately, jewelry components and tools are so small that you won‟t need a
real estate agent to help find a big warehouse for your business. Many people
operate their craft from the kitchen table or a room in the basement.
3. Before you actually launch your jewelry business, you would be wise to do some
research. Make a list of the retailers in your area or city that you envision
carrying your line of jewelry. Go visit each one and see what they carry. Talk to
the owners/managers and find out what sells and what doesn‟t. Talk to other
customers and listen to their opinions about designs, price and selection. Be a
4. Write down your ideas – every one of them! It doesn‟t matter if they are good
or bad at this point. Get them recorded. And don‟t forget to write down what you
learn in your “spy” business- you‟ll be using that information for sometime in the
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