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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Making Sales At Jewelry Trade Shows
Make money away from home - how to sell more jewelry at your booth
You have found a great show with the right customers for your jewelry, creatively
stocked your shelves with attractive product, and worked on your inner mindset so that
you already envision a successful show.
As the main doors open to the public, you glance at a couple of your neighboring booths.
Each person nods back at you and offers a “good luck” smile. The first day in begins.
Mixed Emotions
Your internal roller coaster would seem a bit strange to someone who has never faced
sales. On one hand, you hope that people will begin mulling around your booth. In fact,
you have candy on the table and music playing to entice them.
On the other hand, you‟re offering silent prayers that people just walk by!
The fear of selling is common. Actually, more than half of the people standing behind
the other booths feel exactly as you do. They would rather be ANYWHERE than where
they are.
Watch out the sabotaging behaviors and excuses are on their way:
1. You suddenly feel the need to go to the washroom.
2. You need to step into the lobby and make a couple of very important phone calls.
3. You forgot something in the car (which is parked a couple blocks away)
4. You don‟t feel well – you need air.
5. You are not feeling good under the lighting
6. You need a cigarette (and you don‟t even smoke)
7. HELP…what else is their to help me escape from the facing the people heading
to my booth?
So, know that it is common to want to make sales, be successful, have people love your
art and still want to have nothing to do with the process of selling.
Rethink the Term
The major block in our thinking comes from a misinterpretation of the term “selling.”
Here is what you don’t need to do:
1. You don‟t need to convince
2. You don‟t need to coerce
3. You don‟t need to deceive
4. You don‟t need to steal
5. You don‟t need to pressure
6. You don‟t need to lie
7. You don‟t need to force
8. You don‟t need to talk fast
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