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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Jewelry Trade Show Display Ideas
Make money away from home - how to display your jewelry
As we discussed in the photography chapter and catalog, there is a noticeable difference
in how your customer responds to your art, when you display it favorably.
Crowded necklaces on a stand, where all the colors and beads are intertwined with one
another, leave the observer with nothing all that special to fix their eyes on. The color
combinations don‟t catch the imagination, and the psychological factor says -one of the
crowd; nothing unique.
If your jewelry is something special, you need to communicate it to the buyer. And if you
envision your art enhancing a special event or clothes ensemble for the customer, show
People will value your jewelry as you do. There are thousands of people making jewelry,
and they don‟t respect their art like you can. Wear your jewelry, display it as though any
celebrity may walk up at any moment and love it, and sell it as the perfect accessory or
gift, not as another string of something you hope makes a buck.
Your attitude, more than any other factor, will determine how much jewelry you sell.
1. Lean Mean Selling Machine
Remember, you will have a lot to carry and set up at a show. If you don‟t have
an assistant, (difficult to do a show without at least someone to spell you off for
breaks and lunch) it can be back breaking effort. You will do better to find
solutions that are more portable. You can store your jewelry in them and then
use them for displays at shows and parties.
Here are a few references to give you some ideas:
2. Group your items properly.
You will sell more if you group items of the same idea or concept together. For
instance, if you are displaying necklaces and earrings, (unless they are a special
set) put the items which are of similar size and colors together. It‟s easier for the
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