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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Jewelry Trade Show Money Management Tips
Make money away from home - budgeting to attend the show
You may find in the early days that you eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches packed
from home for the 3 days of the show. It often takes every penny you‟ve got to get
things moving along. The good news is that once you do pay your dues, develop a
customer following and learn how to make the most of your efforts, you will graduate to
good food and respectable earnings each month.
You have probably heard the saying: “Make a plan or plan to fail.” Especially in the early
days, you will need to set aside money to pay for the shows you want to attend, and to
include your own advertising methods to attract your target market to the show.
Here is a sample list for your start-up budget for you to consider:
Trade show booth (if applicable)
Jewelry supplies for your first stock levels
Jewelry booths/racks for displaying jewelry
Velvet cloths for display
Transportation to and returning from the show
Registration for the show
Marketing tools for the show – free giveaways
Marketing tools to attract people to the show
Food at the show
Accommodation at the show
Photos for show display
Camera and film for during the show
Cell phone
Order forms
Table covers
Don‟t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
Expect that it will take a few shows to get your rhythm. You will spend more money and
most likely be caught by surprise with additional debits. However, if you stay with it, after
the first show or couple of shows, you will have recouped your costs and the expenses
and it will become far easier to make a profit.
I have found it helpful to project revenue on averages. Let‟s say I spend $3000 getting
set up for shows. I will need 200 people to spend $30 retail to put me back into profit.
Not so hard if the show attracts 1000 and 10% of them visit my table. Of course, your
numbers will vary, but you get the idea.
What is a customer worth to you? Are you willing to spend $20 or $50 to attract a
customer, if your average customer spends $100 a year for 5 years with you?
If you are performing proper follow up, and continue to design new and creative jewelry,
why wouldn‟t they continue to buy?
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