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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Take Your Home Based Jewelry Business To A Trade Show Or Fair
Make money away from home - how to choose the right jewelry show
While those of us who work from the luxury of our home love the peace and solitude it
can bring, you can make a good income when you add jewelry shows into the mix. Of
course, like anything else, you have to choose the right shows that offer you the optimal
environment to reach your target customer.
For instance, if your jewelry is targeted to girls 16-24 and you are at a show for seniors,
you will most likely not get a good return on your investment!
But you can avoid those kinds of problems by choosing your shows wisely.
How to Recognize the Show to Avoid (and Save Yourself Days of Drudgery)
The wrong show is like wearing a pair of shoes that don‟t fit right to a wedding and the
following reception. It‟s a slow pain. By the end of the night, you refuse to stand unless
someone brings you slippers. At the wrong show, you dream of the day(s) coming to an
end, only to find yourself so bored and bothered you can‟t be bothered to sell…”just get
me out of here!”
1. Determine if there are too many jewelry artisans at the show. Stay at less than
2. Avoid shows where importers of cheap jewelry try to sell off their goods as
artisan work.
3. Avoid shows that have little or no advertising. If there is no advertising, there will
be few customers.
4. Although shows where fireman are asked to attend as auction items, or leading
restaurants in the area offer a feast for free are great fun for the attendees, they
don‟t usually spend much money. They come for the attractions.
What to Look for to Find a Good Show
1. Start by researching the art and craft shows in free listings online.
Here are some great references:
2. Read in the forums online for good reports and warnings from fellow artisans.
3. When possible, obtain information on the last year‟s promotion, participants and
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