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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
How To Create A Winning Jewelry Catalog
Let your art speak for itself
You are fortunate.
Many businesses have to sell products that have no visual appeal or emotional
Imagine if you sold elbow pipes or oil for farm machinery. Not all that exciting. You
either need it so you buy it, or you don‟t give the product the time of day.
But your jewelry, what a different story!
People buy your art because of the color, the texture, the shape, the length, the delicate
touch, the bold definition, the unique stone, and on and on.
Women buy jewelry to sharpen their mood, accessorize an outfit, to give as gifts, for
inspiration and to feel beautiful.
Your product begs to be seen.
Why waste a tree?
Times have changed. We can display an eye-catching, mouthwatering, hand-tingling
catalog right online. Potential customers or repeat customers can visit our site and see
what we have in stock, what is new, and search by item or stone or whatever.
If your website does not presently have the capacity for an online catalog, there are
several options for you:
1. You can use a template site that includes everything for one monthly fee.
2. You can use company‟s like
3. Many of the contact management systems have online catalog and ecommerce
4. You can have your own catalog built for you if you feel the need, but it is most
likely your most expensive option.
Refer people to your online catalog regularly through printed handouts you offer at trade
shows, home parties, included in your packaging, included when you ship an order. You
can use email marketing to continue to refer people to new designs and colors you are
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