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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Hosting An Online Jewelry Party
A great option to the home party; online convenience at work!
Not everyone will be ready to host a home party! There is the planning, the cleaning, the
cooking and clean up to think about. They may be your friends, and they want to help
you get your business off and running, but they just don‟t have the time for a home party.
Not a problem! Today‟s Internet lifestyle makes an online party simple to do, easy to
plan, affordable and there is no spilled wine on the carpet!
It‟s not complicated for you either. In fact, you can be the supplier for 100‟s of parties all
happening on the same day! Here‟s how it‟s done:
Begin with a website
You will need a website to make the online party possible. As we discussed in previous
lessons, that can be done quite quickly and at very little expense if you use some of the
online packages.
Once you have the site, you can begin to suggest to friends and present customers you
know, how they could earn free jewelry by hosting a party in their home. If they “hem
and haw”, or give you the run-around, you have the next option waiting:
“Well how about we host your party online, and I will still give you the host/hostess
Watch their eyes light up!
Step by Step
1. Your site is set up for the password, either on the front page when they enter, or
on the ordering page when they submit their payment. One way or another, each
guest visiting a host‟s party, it accredited to that host.
2. You will need to set up a password for each party. You give the host the
password for them to distribute to their guests.
3. You provide the host with a sample email they can send their guests inviting
them to the site, and the SHARON BUTCHER online party. It includes a tiny bit
of subtle sales invite copy, your web address, the password and a special promo.
Maybe each of her guests receives an additional Starbucks gift card for $5? (The
invite can read, “Sorry we can‟t do this in person, but I want you to have a coffee
anyway!”) Incentives always help. They show the potential guest that you and
the host are interested in them getting all they can from the party.
4. Your hostess can provide reminders and other promotional ideas during the
5. Allow about 2 weeks for the party.
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