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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Party ON! What’s The Buzz?
Success secrets to a successful home jewelry party
By now, you have a business name registered; you have ordered supplies, maybe made
contact with some boutiques in your area and have your jewelry on display in their
Our next few chapters deal with Home Parties featuring – You guessed it; YOU.
The Home Party is another way of getting your craft to the marketplace. You can sell it
for retail prices without the monthly expenditures of a retail shop. You share you sales
with the host or hostess and don‟t pay money until you make money. Sweet deal!
Secondly, it gives you a chance to meet people who want to wear your jewelry and some
who don‟t. You can learn a lot about what your target market is looking for in
accessories and respond with the appropriate future products.
You will build a network of customers who in turn will have 5-10 friends who like jewelry
and become your potential network of customers.
There are few “cons” to a home party. The challenge is in how to get people to attend.
Here are a few success tips to creating the party BUZZ
1. Make a list – start writing down the names of everyone you know. EVERYONE.
(this is considered your warm market) Make an asterisk next to the names of
people you know wear jewelry of some sort. (your warmest market)
Much to most readers‟ surprise, you know at least, AT LEAST 50 people, and
more likely 100. Put them on your list.
2. Make an invitation list – the people on your list are the people to invite to your
first ever “ROCK ON JEWELRY PARTY!” Tell them you want to showcase your
new line. Include a great photo or two on the invite, following our guidelines for
photographing jewelry in a previous lesson.
3. Ask them to bring a friend – entice them to ask one or two friends to join them
and offer something in return – 10% off all purchases, or a free item, or gift
certificates of $10 for their friends. Be creative and run with the ideas.
4. You may well have 3 parties- just from inviting the people you know.
5. Make another list – you know these people but you didn‟t put on your first list.
You thought you didn‟t know them well enough. No problem. They belong
comfortably on this list. These people work in the grocery store, cut your hair,
nanny your kids, and go to the same children‟s football games you do, order a
latte after you each morning, or live down the hall.
6. Make an invite – Serve them some food, have a couple door prize offers and tell
them to invite their friends.
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