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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Selling Your Jewelry On Ebay
How to sell your jewelry in the largest department store in the world!
Twenty years ago when someone started a home based jewelry business they would set
their goals to have some local boutiques sell their designs, and plan to take them to the
local fairs and maybe some home parties. In their wildest dreams, they would not
imagine to display their goods in an online department store that reportedly hosts 1-
million+ visitors a day.
Before we continue with today‟s lesson, it should be noted that in recent news Ebay‟s
pricing structures or buyers and especially sellers, has been seriously questioned. It is
not cheap to do business with Ebay, but at present, they do offer dynamic and pre-
interested shoppers. You will need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself and your
particular business model.
If you are not able to get out to trade shows, fairs, home parties and networking, you
may find Ebay to offer you a significant opportunity for sales.
On the other hand, Ebay is quite competitive for the jewelry business. Many artisan
jewelers, like you, are doing business at Ebay. The typical shopper on Ebay is looking
for a deal, so if you are not priced competitively, you won‟t sell much.
Where to Start?
We have established that your price point on Ebay is crucial to your success. There are
some steps to follow to get your started:
1. Do some research and find out who sells jewelry most like yours and for what
price? Take special notice of Power Sellers, as they sell the most products. You
can use the advanced search feature to check out previous sales and what the
final bid was that actually bought the jewelry.
(You can get a full detailed description of how to do an advanced search and much
more in a highly recommended Ebook entitled: Jewelry Party Book by
Lori Ely. Lorrie describes in detail many selling strategies used in the handcrafted
artisan jewelry business, and beyond the initial sales, how to profit from your
2. Lori suggests avoiding a lot of extra fees by streamlining your ads at the
beginning of your campaign. Add a photo, but maybe skip the featured listing
and bolded captions until you know you can recoup your investment.
3. Don‟t be discouraged if your auction doesn‟t close with a sale on your first round
of auctions. It takes practice to match your market. The Jewelry Party Book
goes into more depth on what days; what times etc. seem to sell jewelry the best.
4. Recognize that selling on Ebay is trial and error, testing and re-testing until you
hit the formula that seems to work for you.
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