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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Promoting Your Home Based Jewelry Business Website
8 step guide to getting online
The world of business marketing and communication has changed dramatically in the
past 20 years. We went from a business card as the number one marketing priority, to a
website as the ultimate business communication.
In the new business world, if you work from home, you will have limited opportunities to
hand out your business card and unlimited opportunities to invite people to your website.
Where to Start?
You will want to start the process by referring back to your USP (unique selling
proposition) and your target audience. Are you making jewelry for men, for teens, for
elderly women, for fashion models, or for pets? Make sure your website reflects your
Once you have established your market, you can begin developing your website.
1. You will need a domain name. Like the signage outside Danny’s Pizza Place,
you will have a sign for your website; your domain name.
Consider what you want to say: do you want to identify the need of the shopper in
your name such as, (for a site that features pearls and
crystal rosebuds). Or, for a site dedicated to toe rings for
Some prefer to use their name in the title;
or, a completely unrelated word such as Be careful though
when you use abstract names. If you don‟t have much money to advertise, you
will need the results of organic searches from the search engines – so including
something about jewelry in the domain name might be the right move for you.
2. Buy the name. There are so many places online where you can search for the
availability and purchase your domain name. A domain name can cost $8-$15
year (and more if you add special features). Check out: or search online for others.
3. Decide how much you want to spend on a website. If you are just starting out,
you don‟t NEED to spend $3000+ on building a site. There are many options for
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