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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Jewelry Marketing 101
Get your jewelry business off the ground with a marketing mix
By now, you have probably taken a few beginner steps to launch your new business.
There is so much to do; finding materials, improving your crafting skills, developing your
artistry, setting up your workshop – even teaching your family that you have a business
and you are actually “working”.
What good will all this effort do for you, if no one knows you have a product to sell, and
that the product you offer is just the right product for them?
Your journey must include some marketing. I think of the marketing process as a
courtship. You introduce yourself, you make sure that you “run into” your prospect
consistently, finally, you go for coffee, you follow that up with a card or note, and before
you know it, you have a date. Or in your case, a sale!
Marketing and sales are not the same thing. Marketing can be defined as the
environment you create that helps sales to evolve.
So where do you start? Since marketing is an extensive discipline, we certainly cannot
exhaust the topic in a lesson, but we can introduce you to some ideas.
Where to start?
Do you remember the chapter that discussed your USP or what makes your business
unique amongst your competition?
That helps you define what you want to do or be.
Now, we look for the reason your customers want you to go into business. It‟s called
market research. In this phase, you want to talk to as many people as you can and find
out what they like or dislike in artisan jewelry.
You can do that by using:
Personal interviews
Focus groups
Surveys you pass out to people
Surveys you conduct
Online surveys (check out:
Talk to suppliers
Read magazines. Look for the people who are advertising regularly. They are
making money, or they could not afford the ads. What do they offer? Visit their
A successful business model provides solutions, solves problems and meets
the needs of their customers.
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