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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Am I The Right Person For A Home Based Jewelry Business?
Nine important questions you must answer honestly
I have been where you are, and in fact, I revisit to this spot quite regularly.
This is the place where the rubber meets the road. Dreams and bank accounts collide,
and visions for the future are often hindered by the vague memories of the past.
Am I good enough?
Do I have what it takes?
Will I make enough money?
Will the lifestyle suit my personality?
Your personal inventory and evaluation, although daunting, can be a great place to start
with your new business.
Your first lesson is all about settling this issue once and for all. Once completed, you will
know if you “have it” or not, and you can then proceed in the right direction.
First Things First
1. Begin by asking yourself the most important question of all: Why do you want to
be in a home-based business? Take time to think about this and be honest with
yourself. You might find it helpful to make a list of what you are looking for: is it
more time, freedom from a boss, a chance to be at home with the kids, a desire
to create business for yourself, etc.
2. What kind of experience do you have in management? Were you the leader at
work, in a community project, church related activities or school programs? What
type of skills did you develop that would be useful to a home based business? If
you do recognize some weaknesses, can you think of ways that you can
compensate or overcome them? For instance, can you hire someone to do those
items or contract it out to another company?
It is important that you face reality here and tell it like it is. HOWEVER, be as
honest with yourself about your strengths as you are about your perceived
3. Do you have the space you need for a jewelry business? The jewelry business
can create a good deal of clutter, and requires ample storage space. You will
need room for a desk, a larger flat surface for your workstation, and room to store
your materials. Lenna Green in her e-Book; How To Make Money From Beading
and Jewelry Making, suggests actually creating a floor plan of your work and
storage area, calculating the square footage you require, and deciding what
space you have, or can locate, to accommodate your needs.
4. Who do you know that is involved in business? Either they own a retail business,
run a business from home, or have done so in the past. Do you have
relationships with people who can mentor you and teach you by example? Are
you willing to find those kinds of people if you are not presently connected to
them? What would you do to connect and learn from them?
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