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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Your Best Guess
How to estimate the value of jewelry
At this point in the book, I assume you have spent sometime looking at jewelry, either
online or in a retail venue. Have you noticed the lack of consistency in pricing? One
reason prices are so varied arises from the term value.
Value is all based on perspective. If I were to offer you a tattered old coat for your child
from my giveaway bin in the basement, and your son had several coats, one for each
season, you would most likely find very little value in my offer.
However, if I offered you the same tattered coat, and you and your family had gone
through some tough times and your son had only a spring coat for a cold winter, you
might place a great deal of value on my gesture.
Likewise, most jewelry buyers are not educated in appraising, and the value of the gems
or stones is often perceived by the marketing and presentation.
You need to educate yourself to protect your best interests (and your customer’s
What Will You Need?
1. Eyeglass – If you have a Jewelers Loupe (a tool used by jewelers to magnify the
image below in varying degrees) kicking around, you can certainly use it, but for
the those just starting, don‟t buy one off the bat
You can purchase a small plastic eyeglass with a 10-x magnification that will do
the trick.
Jewelers Loupe
2. A ruler or micrometer – This needs little explanation, as you want to measure
the size of the stones or items you are appraising.
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