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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
Sourcing Your Stones & Beads
How to find the best product for the best price
For your jewelry making business to be successful, you must be able to price your
product so that you make a profit. You can‟t purchase your products consistently at
retail prices and hope to build a business. You will need to go wholesale.
As in many fields, jewelry makers can be tight lipped about their suppliers or sources for
materials. Today, I will show you some key tips in building a successful supplier list.
You will need to do some research with this chapter. You might find it helpful to work
from the e-copy of this lesson (rather than a printed version) as you will be able to click
your mouse and go locate the sites with ease.
(This chapter alone could be worth its weight in ….silver! )
How to find the materials you need:
1. Put the Bead or Gem Fair on your calendar. One of the best ways to find bulk
materials is at a show. You can see the products and have a “hands on”
Here is a link to use to access a directory of all the shows scheduled in the US. It
includes International shows.
2. Go Online: There are many distributors online. You can purchase large
quantities and get some deep discounts. You may want to visit:
3. Try EBay: Don‟t be deceived! Just because it is on Ebay does not mean it is
cheap or a good deal. Check the prices – so some homework. Having stated
that disclaimer, you can find some good deals on Ebay.
(Be sure the provider has at least a 99% rating!) Here are a couple dealers you
might want to look at:
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