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Tips For Your Home Jewelry Business Success
How To Make Jewelry 101
Learn how to make beautiful handcrafted jewelry at home
What got you hooked? Do you have a friend or family member that gifted you with a
unique handcrafted piece of beaded or wire jewelry? Maybe you have spent a small
fortune purchasing jewelry from artisans either at public fairs or in private boutiques.
Whatever brought you to this juncture, you are sure to find some personal satisfaction
and delight making your own fine pieces of jewelry.
Let’s begin with some of the tools required for jewelry making:
1. The basic tools are: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, crimping pliers
and flush cutters. Tools average around $15 each.
2. If you intend to do knotted jewelry such as pearls, there are special tools for
3. For jewelry wire wrapping, a wig-jig tool helps make the loop designs
consistent. You will want some nylon jaw pliers so that you don‟t leave
marks when you work with wire.
4. Split ring pliers will help you open the split rings and attach them to your
Consider your lighting and invest in good lamp coverage. You may want to have a good
pair of reading glasses, even if you don‟t need reading glasses. After several hours of
working with tiny elements, the magnification can be helpful!
Things seem to get smaller as time wears on.
Additional Tools
As you develop your skills, you will find there are many tools on the market to help you
get the job done.
1. A ruler for measuring bracelets.
2. A Design Board: A nifty tool for making necklaces or bracelets. You have a
board that has little holes grooved out to hold the bead or stone that you want
in that position. You can see what the piece will look like in advance, and not
loose your tiny elements in the process.
3. A Bead Mat – you will love me for suggesting this. Keeps your beads from
rolling off the table and into a hidden corner or under the refrigerator.
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The prices for all these tools can vary. The experienced jeweler will have quality tools
that can last for a lifetime, but when you are starting out, you can find tools at affordable
prices. Shop on EBay, local craft stores, or watch for upcoming lessons when I will
share with you some of the insider secrets to buying your materials at wholesale prices.