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Time Management for Mercenaries

Time Management for Mercenaries
Author: Dai Alanye
Des igner: A F Donley
Copyright 2012 by Da i Ala nye
Time Management for Mercenaries is licensed for your free personal enjoyment only, and may not
be sold or given away to others. For purposes of reader convenience a nd accuracy of sta tistical data , plea se
download an additional copy for each reader. Despite its being offered at no charge, all rights are reserved
by the a uthor. Plea se don't copy, tra nsfer or in a ny way alter the book beyond excerpting for purposes of
published reviews.
TMfM is a n original work of fiction. All chara cters, locations a nd incidents a re crea tions of the
writer's imagina tion. Any resemblance to actual happenings or to persons living or dead is strictly
Chapter 00 ~ Va lkyries
Pierce lay on his side, his view of the slaughter -field blocked by ranks of spearmen.
He'd run the gamut of emotions today—fear, irrational calm, anger, exhilaration,
apprehension, and fear again as battle waxed and waned.
Near an hour had passed since the last attack. The sun lowered, half hidden in
banks of mist. A light breeze blew from the south, wafting serried clouds high
Buttermilk sky. How queer the name in this bloody place.
Better imagine those sun-glinting drifts Valkyries c ome to carry the slain to a Saxon
Valhalla, there to feast and fight and be made whole again until Gotterdammerung.
The swan-maidens would have heavy work this gore-soaked day.
In him they awaited a reluctant fighter a millennium out of time. What sense to
travel so many years and miles to seek an early death? He felt a brief unreasoning anger
at the man who'd brought him here.
Unreasoning… for none but Brian Pierce was ultimately to blame.