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3. Magic Mystifies the Marchers
Princess Ozma was all unaware that the Army of Oogaboo, led by their ambitious Queen,
was determined to conquer her Kingdom. The beautiful girl Ruler of Oz was busy with
the welfare of her subjects and had no time to think of Ann Soforth and her disloyal
plans. But there was one who constantly guarded the peace and happiness of the Land of
Oz and this was the Official Sorceress of the Kingdom, Glinda the Good.
In her magnificent castle, which stands far north of the Emerald City where Ozma holds
her court, Glinda owns a wonderful magic Record Book, in which is printed every event
that takes place anywhere, just as soon as it happens.
The smallest things and the biggest things are all recorded in this book. If a child stamps
its foot in anger, Glinda reads about it; if a city burns down, Glinda finds the fact noted in
her book.
The Sorceress always reads her Record Book every day, and so it was she knew that Ann
Soforth, Queen of Oogaboo, had foolishly assembled an army of sixteen officers and one
private soldier, with which she intended to invade and conquer the Land of Oz.
There was no danger but that Ozma, supported by the magic arts of Glinda the Good and
the powerful Wizard of Oz--both her firm friends--could easily defeat a far more
imposing army than Ann's; but it would be a shame to have the peace of Oz interrupted
by any sort of quarreling or fighting. So Glinda did not even mention the matter to Ozma,
or to anyone else. She merely went into a great chamber of her castle, known as the
Magic Room, where she performed a magical ceremony which caused the mountain pass
that led from Oogaboo to make several turns and twists. The result was that when Ann
and her army came to the end of the pass they were not in the Land of Oz at all, but in an
adjoining territory that was quite distinct from Ozma's domain and separated from Oz by
an invisible barrier.
As the Oogaboo people emerged into this country, the pass they had traversed
disappeared behind them and it was not likely they would ever find their way back into
the valley of Oogaboo. They were greatly puzzled, indeed, by their surroundings and did
not know which way to go. None of them had ever visited Oz, so it took them some time
to discover they were not in Oz at all, but in an unknown country.
"Never mind," said Ann, trying to conceal her disappointment; "we have started out to
conquer the world, and here is part of it. In time, as we pursue our victorious journey, we
will doubtless come to Oz; but, until we get there, we may as well conquer whatever land
we find ourselves in."
"Have we conquered this place, Your Majesty?" anxiously inquired Major Cake.
"Most certainly," said Ann. "We have met no people, as yet, but when we do, we will
inform them that they are our slaves."
"And afterward we will plunder them of all their possessions," added General Apple.
"They may not possess anything," objected Private Files; "but I hope they will fight us,
just the same. A peaceful conquest wouldn't be any fun at all."