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Ticking Nightmares!

Dark Poetry Imagining Ticking Nightmares


© Copyrighted 2010 By Frank F. Atanacio For my wonderful children

Cannons Were Cooling *1

Everyone feared,
after the explosion,
the grounds were cleared
of wreckage and wounded,

the soil stained red,
even after the removal of the dead, cannons were cooling,
death was drooling,
counting the record number of ghosts, that’s what he enjoyed most,
however, order was slowly
and deliberately returning,
the night remained cold,
and it was a sight to behold.

Almost Apologetic *2

His mind was cloudy,
his dress was dowdy,
a crumpled suit,
and ripped mackintosh, his hair was wild,
his manner was mild,
almost apologetic,
clumsy because of his size, homeless, helpless,
and sometimes he cries, as he looked toward the sky, wishing he would die.

The Simplicity Of Youth *3

Nothing gained,
when nothing is said,
but he would dread
the insanity,
that would fill his head,
the doctor looked down
At the young boy,
with nothing left to show,
weighing need to know
against the medical right to know, the simplicity of youth
was still effecting a cost,
despite all the rites of passage,
then there were cries,
as the doctor gazed
into the boy’s determined eyes,
insanity filled the skies,
the doctor insisted
as insanity persisted,
but there was little assurance to be given, could it really be considered living? Sanity and insanity,
are suppose to be the same,
with it, no shame,
just sharing the same name.

Remnants... *4

The mental wounds were deep, spirits would weep,
but she allowed time for sleep, her dreams roiled uneasily
with punishing abuse,
the belts left welts,
because her father had a short fuse, when her father’s gravelly voice was heard,
she had no choice,
but to scream in agonizing pain, she burrowed deeper into her pillow, and tried to ignore it,
then she’d shoot up and sit,
sheet stuck to her head,
as she stayed in bed,
still feeling trapped
in the remnants of her nightmare, that happened decades ago,
she was unable to let it go,
her strength tapped,
her mind snapped,
the abuse capped,
remnants of her life.

Another Few Seconds *5

After trapping,
the beast let out a strained grunt, it was like a branch snapping, the beast then turned around yanked the trapper down,
pinned him to the ground,
roles reversed,
as the trapper did his best, but the beast,
jammed its claws into his chest, then the beast glared,
the trapper stared,
the beast pushed in deeper, as the trapper’s arms flared, only for another few seconds...

Fleeting Of Youth *6

Silence was weeping,
while he was sleeping,
the problem it caused,
when life paused,
but realized,
it had already crossed that fine line, and, like the fleeting of youth, there was no turning back,
the light gave in to night,
and everything just went black.

Mirror Shattered *7

His emotions would melt,
the man in the mirror
didn’t look like he felt,
he took a deep breath
and tightened his belt,
the man in the mirror
had an in-line nose,
steel-blue eyes,
a face that held no lies,
his reflection
had no detection
of the true scars,
although in theory it should, the man in the mirror just stood, hiding the gloom,
causing the doom,
then he turned away
and faced the room,
still straight and true,
bodies everywhere,
and he stood with no fear, no care, and death near,
blood splattered, life tattered, mirror shattered.

Humanity Begged For Rain *8

There were souls to trade,
deals to be made,
the demons,
lurking in the deepest shade,
where the spirits had arrived first, waiting to clench their thirst,
human limbs were dropped,
and ground into the gravel,
time had stopped,
as the images traveled
toward the sky,
where haunted angels would cry, and hope would die,
some were trained,
others chained,
while the nightmares topped,
forgiveness stopped,
as the sun dropped,
shadows rippled
across the sweltering terrain,
sanity crippled,
as this lost humanity begged for rain.

Poor Luck *9

The ghost’s chains would rattle, souls herded like cattle,
and right after the battle,
the ghost peered out
over the barely frozen bay, only the echos would shout, and the dead had nothing to say, there was a blood trail,
forming over the ice,
and poor luck
often forces soldiers to fail.

Death Washed Through The Room *10

He felt no hope,
as he dangled from a rope, his fingers dug at the cord
around his neck,
there was so much fear,
as he tried to suck in some air, but he couldn’t suck none in, no matter how thin,
his spine would crack,
as the cord continued the attack, he gritted his teeth,
and felt his lips peel back,
his mind sagged,
his memories dragged,
as his throat gurgled and gagged, death washed through the room, his soul, disgusted,
and it took in a shiver of shame, until life was finally tamed, and there was no one to blame.

Breath After Breath *11

The angel, trying to avoid defeat, he heaved harder,
the demon’s feet
toed at the floor,
as he was hoisted beyond reach, blood stained the door,
as the demon kicked frantically, trying to knock the angel away,
in mid-air he’d sway,
and hope just faded that day,
the demon expelled breath after breath, a few more kicks,
then death.

Father And Son *12

His life was over,
he was living in his last days,
his life was done,
and regrets came in so many ways, father and son,
he wanted to spend considerable hours, just having fun,
he had no adventures, no sharing,
missed out on the love and caring,
no sitting and listening
to all the problems his son had,
he’ll die unhappy,
and oh so sad,
he had the urge to strike death,
but he was the blame,
and no one was there during his last breath, what pity, what a shame.

A Sociopath *13

She enjoyed the thrill,
blood everywhere,
during the kill,
she would leave them for dead, they feared her,
at least they said
they feared her,
and that she knew,
they feared her because
she knew voodoo,
and hexes of all kinds,
she could bend a man
to do her will,
then she’d kill,
again, she’d kill and kill,
and kill...

Ticking Dream *14

Tears would stream,
the flutter in her eyes,
the gleam,
then she had the kind of dream,
in which some great, enigmatic plane flies through her sleep,
dropping feathers on the floor,
opening odd shape doors,
then dropping a small
ticking dream,
as sheep would call,
then come in on a count,
and the moon would fall,
as a cow takes the leap of faith,
the ticking dream explodes,
fairy dust on the roads,
then the alarm sounds,
fist pounds,
and the toast pops up.

Haunt Their Dreams *15

he wanted someone else dreaming of his painful death, cruel,
extremely bitter,
mental ridicule,
mental abuse,
huge tears,
dark fears,
fits and outbursts,
questions hitting the fan, why, why, why,
did he want to die, die, die? He was hanging
from a beam
so the sight would
haunt their dreams.

Cataclysm Of Light *16

there was an exploding sound,
everyone looked around,
then the plane was going down,
the captain heard
his co-pilot utter a curse word,
but before he could take another breath,
and prepare himself for death,
the plane exploded in a cataclysm of light and sound, and moments later,
only debris hit the ground.

Dead In The Eyes *17

Her nightmare popped,
and she feared,
so the woman stopped,
realized what was happening,
found herself skewered on the man’s glare, she ducked without turning around, as she was violently tossed to the ground, sanity clunked shut,
and she winced at the sound,
she stared at him,
almost frozen in his fury,
she fought back the cries,
darkness filled the skies,
and she just started looking at him, dead in his eyes.

His Enemy * 18

There was no one else to trust,
as the soldier snarled in apparent disgust, but the triumphant glint
in his eyes,
made his enemy’s stomach turn,
his emotions would burn,
his enemy echoed,
his voice a bubbling growl,
hoping his comrades were on the prowl, anger he just couldn’t contain,
he bared his teeth,
which were shattered and stained.

Life And Death *19

Lives do sometimes fail,
it leaves a long trail,
pity most of all,
light would shine,
darkness would stand tall,
when death falls,
spirits and ghosts would call,
life peeked,
and death twisted toward it,
and it seeped right to the core, life just didn’t fit any more,
life slapped at death,
and decided to sacrifice its last breath, then it would drop to the ground, distracted for a fraction of a second, then there would be no sound.

The Blood Of Shame Rose *20

It was everything she’d face,
she was the guardian over the human race, the blood of shame rose,
and made her face hot,
her emotion flows,
and her reality was shot,
as she gritted her teeth,
and responded with a blistering silence, she found herself in the midst of confusion, like living through an illusion,
brother killing brother,
no respect for each other,
rage stormed,
and it needed no concentration,
as she spoke suddenly,
spreading her hands in frustration,
lives are lost,
people die,
God pays the total cost,
and ghosts and spirits cry,
as the humans won’t try,
and the tired wind blows,

But what shows
is the need for greed,
as life continues to spoon-feed
the corpse for weeks,
looking for God’s sympathy,
and avoiding the devil when he peeks.

Two Key Witnesses *21

Life had death all arranged,
it was very interesting,
yet very strange,
because life was designed to fail, it leaves its mark
on a dark lonely trail,
there were only two key witnesses, the sun and the moon,
and when they’re gone,
everything would be over soon.

The Stars Would Glaze *22

The white winged angel had nothing to say, God’s base voice like low thunder
called, as the angel walked away,
he felt God’s questioning eyes
follow him toward the skies,
the stars would glaze,
and there was a subtle
chastisement in God’s trailing gaze, because of what the angel did,
human life spoiled,
a twinge of resentment boiled
in God as the angel just flew away, his halo fell,
perhaps he was going to take his life, God could tell,
he’d seen that look,
and that’s all it took.

Seen A Flaring Doubt Rise # 23

but drained,
he turned a glinting eye,
almost with a hint of fascination, at first he dared not try,
then he reached out
with all the piled up frustration, his spirit would protest in a shout, as he grasped his captor by the neck, his captor leaned back,
not expecting the attack,
glared without fear,
with rifle in hand,
knew he had total command,
actually firing it,
common sense would sit,
causing a man’s demise,
but for the first time
in his criminal life,
seen a flaming doubt rise,
a sinner could never be a winner, his body would shimmer
and his emotions would simmer, as his superiority grew thinner.

A Cold Fog *24

He fought hard,
but he would almost fold,
his hands were cold,
his fingers aching,
he flexed them fitfully,
his body was shaking,
he felt the wind bend,
then he thought about the end,
he listened, watched, turned,
he listened again,
as the cold burned,
but it was the same,
no one came,
his legs twitched convulsively
beneath the snow,
then frost bite would show,
life would slow, and the oxygen low, he turned slightly to shake off the worries, but death whispered at him,
he began gasping, and grasping,
as death screamed, shattered all dreams, and hope rushed away like streams, it was deafening, furious,
loud and yet curious,
like the exaggerated barking
of a terrorized dog,
and finally life sailed in a cold fog.

His Whole Body Seemed To Steam *25

His face red,
he knew that he killed her,
and he thought she was dead,
his whole body suddenly numb,
she stood directly in front of him, he recognized her,
he actually had no choice,
his knees weak,
and he could find no voice,
he couldn’t speak,
not even utter a word,
nothing came out of him
nothing was heard,
she knew his face told clearly
what he was not saying,
his mind all but broke,
as she spoke,
how hollow the words sounded,
as his blood raced and his heart pounded, he shuddered and turned cold,
sweat broke out on his face,
and her death left no trace,
his whole body seemed to steam,
as if he was lost in a bad dream,
he leaned forward,
but she was gone,
he shook his head,
something was wrong,
she was really dead,
he was there and her ghost was here.

Resentfully Complied *26

He was clearly hit,
reality would sit,
rage was the perfect fit, but instead,
he hobbled,
his brain wobbled,
and for a few moments
his eyesight blurred,
and his speech slurred,
he felt blood drain,
and there was so much pain, it was a drive-by,
his mother cried,
death floated in,
and life resentfully complied.

A Dozen Emotions *27

She cried,
there were so many secrets
that came out when he died,
her life paused,
a dozen emotions passing
through her eyes,
the lies, the countless lies,
flaming hatred would rise,
her past was torn and tortured,
and she didn’t even know it,
hatred continued to grow,
then the casket fell to the floor,
body fell out, everyone would shout, she just smiled and hurried out the door.

A Jungle Rain *28

It was insane,
he shook his head
as if to rattle his brain,
he was sweating
like a jungle rain,
he struggled between
his responsibility as a father and a husband,
he sensed the fear
in the horror involved here, a terminally sick child’s life, taken by the hands of his wife, he nearly choked,
there was no compassion,
as he saw it,
she fell to her knees to pray, he sadly turned and walked away, only a ghost would stay,
and God cried that day.

Reflected Their Glow *29

He was six feet under,
it was such a weird feeling,
he felt as if he was beneath
a claustrophobic ceiling,
he reached up toward the pine box,
and tried to reach the latch,
to the hatch,
he hadn’t realized how chilled he’d become, then he saw a wooden door,
and an oval rag rug on the floor,
two candles stood in tin sconces
that reflected their glow,
then fear would grow,
reality would then show,
and his ghost would flow,
his spirit was weeping,
and he suddenly realized,
he wasn’t sleeping.

A Shark Puff * 30

Near the ocean side he would sit, and then a cold wind would hit,
his voice trickled off a bit,
deeply disturbed by what he saw come out of the water,
he would almost fall,
as his emotions slowed to a crawl, a shark puff out on the water
groaned toward him,
swallowing half a man,
the shark was in total command,
he heard human bone breaking,
he sighed heavily, shaking,
there was nothing he could do,
his helplessness would rattle,
as he glanced out at the one-sided battle, only his soul would grieve,
as he started to leave,
but hesitated one last moment to gaze, his silent eyes would glaze,
so much sadness that day,
as he turned away.

Death Had Its Pride *31

Suicide was his only choice,
as death eyed him,
and then he lowered his voice,
he expected a certain doom,
and a chilly tension blanketed the room, an angel stood barely beyond,
the air was dry,
and the sin he was about to commit caused the angel to crumble and cry, common sense rots,
then the shots,
the room fell silent,
the angel tried,
as death had its pride.

On Impact * 32

We’re all God’s creation,
but helpless,
as an angel watched in soul-sick frustration, humans destroying a nation,
as war filled their veins,
killing filled their brains,
and blood of the young drains,
death should come naturally, not taken, missile blasts wakened
the settling night,
with bright
orange flashes,
and bits of flaming materials, clashes, young boys would duck,
but the blasts in mid-air,
scatters, and rip up anything it struck, causing casualties and fear,
it would set fire to wood,
and burn everything it could,
the angel watched it shred flesh on contact, then another missile would attack,
soldiers turned their back,
but life was lost on impact,
God gave humans their own voice,
it was their choice,
as the body count rose,
this is what humans chose.

Death Hovered In Puffs * 33

Many injured,
but many more dead,
a nurse backed away from the bed, the horror left traces,
as doctors kept working,
but there was no hope on their faces, death hovered in puffs,
as some soldiers were breathing only in the most uneven huffs,
another nurse watched, then turned, as the mental terror just burned, she wanted to cry,
as she did something to make him die, it wasn’t her fault,
it was simply a compassionate assault.

The Complexities Of Witches *34

Her chin lifted,
her face turned rosy with emotion, and she shifted,
as if aware of all the eyes,
all the judgements,
and all the “whys,?”
The complexities of witches,
so often simplistic,
in the minds of the ignorant,
a century would turn,
and still witches would hang and burn, the crowd gathered was large,
and she was found guilty,
sometimes of the same charge,
the gavel would bang,
the crowd would roar,
and then she’d hang.

The Cabin * 35

He thought it was rather silly, when he saw his ghost float,
the cabin turned chilly,
so he’d put on an over-coat,
his mind unclear,
somewhat foggy,
his shoulders sagged,
his clothes was soggy,
his memories tagged,
and then bagged,
his future would tank,
his proud chest caved in,
his chin sank,
again it felt silly,
and the cabin turned suddenly chilly.

Aftermath * 36

The cries of their children faded, the songs died,
the nights were recreated,
the wind stopped,
reality popped.

Night was coming again,
the air smelled faintly of blood, the grounds were littered with bodies, and death became everyone’s friend.

It was the aftermath of an invasion, children evacuated,
others being led to their deaths, so simple to do,
that, the devil knew.

He Heard The Cries * 37

he wasn’t needing,
his head was bleeding,
brushing his sweaty hair
out of his eyes,
he sensed death was near,
as he heard the cries,
lost souls filled the skies,
he looked up with something like gratitude, his enemies were standing,
and death continued demanding,
he gave what he could,
he then closed his tired eyes,
praying to God until he dies.

Way Passed High *38

Everything around him was a fantasy,
an animated bird sings,
he fell quickly to the ground,
and he heard the flapping of a large bird’s wings, as the bumble bees swarm around,
none of them ever stings,
they were just never quite close enough, he slumped further into this odd place,
crushed his hand over his weary face,
heart against his chest,
he knew he needed rest,
people would growl,
shadows would howl,
and cartoon characters were on the prowl, he would laugh then cry,
smoke some more,
until he was way passed high.

Strip Club * 39

There was so much temptation, he was twitching with anticipation, a dollar here, a dollar there,
he almost lost his concentration, he had hopes,
so much, perhaps too much,
then he’d touch,
ignoring the posting, ignoring the sign, he was slapped,
his reality trapped,
he waited so long,
and he knew he was wrong,
the dancer would shout,
and the bouncer threw him out.

God’s Voice Calling * 40

He would close his eyes,
the clouds cluttered the skies,
the air was moist,
and the deep voice
from above,
filtered on the wind,
and with a sudden flicker of awareness, the angel realized,
he was hearing God’s voice calling, in a downward motion
he continued falling,
but the calm words soothed.

Jack The Ripper Once More * 41

In the shadows,
she had almost forgotten his name, as she peered out over the slowly flickering flame,
hiding her shame,
she then saw his silent eyes, and thought she heard the cries of the women from his past, he entered and closed the door, if she had any doubts about him, she won’t anymore.

That Night *42

There was such an odd sight, that night,
the woods had held a cloying chill, there was fear in the air,
that night,
the moon up there,
looking loud,
floating proud,
hovered in its shroud
of haze,
and looked down
with unhelpful dimness
toward the ground,
that night,
there would be no sound,
there will be no light,
just darkness,
but only that night.

911 *43

What was off was the timing, the sun was shining,
and he felt the heat,
he was as still as drying meat, his head titled slightly to one side, mouth opened wide,
his scorched hands splayed
in the final muscle spasm,
and frozen that way,
the roof caved in,
the air was thin,
oxygen ran out,
the room was filled with smoke, he couldn’t even choke,
but he would wait,
but the firefighters came too late.

Still *44

There was certainly no thrill
in the kill,
so he sat still,
he sat very still,
whatever happened,
he did not move,
he felt the eyes of death,
as he held his breath,
he sat still,
he allowed the ghost to pass through, the haunting grew,
and it would continue,
that he knew,
so he just sat still.

A Spirit Rattled *45

It couldn’t have been his fate,
as the ghosts materialized
in a semi-frozen state,
death moving at the pace of a sick snail, almost as if it wanted to fail,
like spirits in a seance
once called into being,
and so hard seeing,
he dropped the knife,
a spirit rattled,
and gave him back his life.

The Glinting Water *46

His warship
would rock and tip,
as he looked across
the glinting water,
he stuttered,
the deck beneath him shuddered, smoke appeared,
as far as he could tell,
it was similar to hell,
impact tremors disturbed the swells, screams of wounded sailors
pierced the clear day,
life could not stay,
the ship staggered,
ghosts shouted,
fighting grew stronger,
and the crew,
or those still standing,
were no longer.

There Was Acceptance * 47

The sun was bright,
the day, calm,
a crowd massed outside the burial site, there were sobs,
there were pleadings,
and comforting greetings,
there was disbelief,
there were shaking heads,
and so much grief,
she stood at the grave-site of her husband, the emptiness would hurt,
staring at the dirt,
as if she could somehow
will him back to life,
she slowly shook her head,
and she knew dead was dead,
she sensed her internal arguments, and objections to God,
he was the cause,
he was the blame,
her shadow would pause,
and she felt the same,
as she repeated his name,
there was blustering and anger,
his ghost could feel it from the sky, he could see it in her eye,
feel it from a distance,
and finally there was acceptance.

Midst Of Her Musings *48

The doctor felt the frustration,
the woman did not fully grasp
the reality of the situation,
she was a heavy drug user,
more of a drug abuser,
and her child would die,
the doctor knew it,
and she really wanted to cry,
she decided to meditate a bit,
so she’d sit,
to give her mind and body
some time to calm down,
relaxation is what she found,
however, shouting came through the door, in the midst of her musings,
disrupting her, it was confusing,
a nurse came in, wide eyed,
searching for words,
but her reality was tied,
she wanted to tell the doctor
that the child died.

A Start-Point Of Morality * 49

God’s motives were pure,
in that he was sure,
intelligence didn’t always equal wise,
where there is weak,
you’ll find strong,
and humans were walking a fine line
between right and wrong,
life was designed to end,
it’s a start-point of morality,
humans would bend,
and searched for mortality,
they find a cure for a plague,
and they find ways to travel space,
but they consider God’s written words vague, and consider themselves a superior race, a race full of construction,
but seems hell-bound on destruction,
behind a Savior they would hide,
but in God’s name some died,
and only the forgiving angels in heaven, cried...

The Fear Would Fall *50

Even while thinking,
she felt her heart sinking,
counting off on her fingers,
muttering a string of names,
almost like steam hissing,
and smoke before it become flames, one of her children went missing, and she wasn’t mistaken,
in a few minutes a child could be taken, she listened for cries,
but none came,
she didn’t even realize
that she closed her eyes
in a grimace,
until the moment sustained
frozen in time, she remained,
and she became aware
that she couldn’t see a thing,
oh the grief, then sudden relief,
she opened her eyes,
and she stared at him,
the fear would fall,
he wasn’t missing after all.

Trying To Improve Death *51

The child shot once more,
trembled on the floor,
his spirit flies
toward the skies,
leaving the corpse on the ground, it did not slow down,
as it tore through space,
forgetting its resting place,
heading straight on
to what appeared to be a suicidal course, with no remorse,
holding its breath,
trying to improve death.

Hope Is The Seed *52

Live in love
within times of grace,
taste the words,
they are filled with faith, reach out and touch,
when someone needs,
they’ll respect you so much, and hope is the seed.

The Tornado *53

The wind was strong,
echos would shout,
and it comes as if there was nothing wrong, as the force lashed out,
and slammed a protecting angel in the face, the wind hits the land,
and it leaves its signature trace,
as it took the angel completely off his feet, everything else flies through the air, the angel lay there,
momentarily stunned,
the tornado rose,
as the angel reached up to feel the blood beginning to fountain from his nose, his emotion slows,
and barely a minute or two,
the wind grows,
the angel heard what sounded like a crash, the tornado was in full strength,
turning everything into trash.

God Takes A Child *54

His life without sin,
he wanted to look God in the eyes, that was a perfect place to begin he stood in silence,
as they buried his boy,
his wonderful...

his life’s joy,
whispering softly in his mind, voices,

He could not understand,
why God takes a child,
but leaves a man.

Delusional State *55

It was easier to hide
behind insanity,
he tried,
for the briefest of moments, he even doubted his sanity, it could have been fate,
his temporary delusional state, he staggered out of the bedroom, blood on the walls,
blood on the bed,
his wife, her lover,
shot dead.

Comfortable... *56

Whether it was right or wrong,
sadness filtered through the Human Race, an angel was silent for so long,
that God turned to look at him
with concern on his face,
he would just sit,
it sadden him,
that he would admit,
his bones would rattle
when he learned of their comfort
in leading troops of boys into battle, they were comfortable...
It took a moment for what God was saying to sink in,
what was the sense of praying,
if killing is no sin.

The General Sighed * 57

First the attack,
then the questions,
like, why would God turn his back, while men, women and children
are slaughtered,
nations threaten with force of arms, armies would cow them into submission, the general sighed,
his soldiers died,
their spirits tried,
and their ghosts cried..

Could He Kill A Man? * 58

He thought it was a bad dream,
he felt his blood stream,
voices in his head were screams,
a home invasion,
he blinked
and blinked again to clear his eyes, he heard more cries,
so he jumped on the invader,
without making a sound,
bringing them both down,
the weapon flew from the invader’s hand, and he scrambled for it,
which gave him total command,
he was in the driver’s seat,
he was making the demands,
the invader felt the heat,
his mind pacing,
he snatched it up,
his heart racing,
as he pointed it at the invader,
could he kill a man?
For an endless moment, he froze, questions rose,
seeing the invader’s fearless stare, it was almost like a dare,
it was only one move,
he could do it without fear,
only the smallest tightening of a finger, it was frightening,
but his decision would linger.

Populace * 59

God would gaze out from the stars,
at the populace below,
he realized that they sunk so low,
love was weak,
and sin would continue to grow,
it was a populace amongst
whom he had never hesitated to walk, share dreams, or just talk,
but something told him that
he would be most well advised
to stay exactly where he was,
to be amongst the populace was unwise, even through the prayers
he could hear the cries
of only the few,
even though his stars continue glistening, the populace were not interested in listening, so God’s lovely word
goes unheard.

Angel In The Air * 60

She was covered in soot after the blaze, the doctor looked at her,
and she returned the gaze,
he look, an icy glaze,
it seemed to him
as if she was dissecting him with her eyes, and in the background,
he was able to hear the cries,
and all emergency sirens and sounds, bravery consumed her,
and she showed no fear,
the doctor turned away,
like an angel in the air
she simply disappeared.

Goodbyes *61

He knew she couldn’t stay,
the truth would unfold,
as she was standing about a foot away, the moment seemed cold,
awkward, weird,
he would hear a distant call,
his nervousness would fall,
it was goodbyes,
he sensed it from her eyes,
it wasn’t fake,
as they moved their hands in a vague manner, to shake,
he pulled it away,
he even thought to hug her,
except he felt that would be wrong,
he also never thought saying their goodbyes would take so long.

Hangman... *62

The hangman entered the room,
bringing with him sorrow, and gloom, it was dark, with a haunting glow, there were illuminated mirrors
all in a row,
he was gripping a rope
with a sweaty palm,
spirits and ghosts lost their calm,
a hush spread down the room,
he was deranged,
and then a few whispers were exchanged, the room was quiet,
but the haunting was loud,
he was standing in the back,
surveying the crowd,
church bells rang,
as he selected a victim to hang.

Continues Confessing *63

First, the loud slamming of a door, she held herself, tightly,
and the scratches on the floor made her squirm slightly,
she heard the moans,
she heard the cries,
there was clear curiosity in her eyes, a shadow stood over her body, so many emotions filled her head, the shadow’s voice
was barely above a whisper,
it was a choice,
a prayer, a blessing,
as her guilt continues confessing.

No Grief *64

She was fighting death,
holding her breath,
as the Grim Reaper continued complaining, and despite her medical training,
the doctor let out a sigh,
there would be no grief,
as she sagged slightly,
in visible relief.

White Of The Night *65

The angels knotted their hands in prayer, as she would yawn,
with the first glow of dawn
filtering into her room,
the singing birds on the lawn,
would fly away soon,
still leaving behind the beautiful sounds, and her heart was like palace grounds, pure white and garlanded with flowers, every beat was like musical pounds, that would stay in the air for hours.

There Was No Grace *66

The woman stands in her bath-robe
at the edge of the door,
and nothing more,
on the floor
was her shoes and socks,
and on her bedroom door came several knocks, she inhaled deeply at the sounds of footsteps, the door opened slowly to reveal a man, her calm ran,
then her mind shook,
she left her son in the kitchen,
eating cold cereal and reading a comic book, the man’s voice falls
almost down to a whisper,
her mind stalls,
and she didn’t know what to do,
she would glance,
but she had no chance,
her child cried,
her eyes terrified,
but fixed on the man’s face,
and in that house,
there was no grace.

God’s Forgotten Children *67

Terror and chaos stuck like glue,
reality was coping,
the bleak plight of the Jews,
and frightened people hoping,
Germany threatened to swallow up an existence, weakening the resistence,
then reality snapped,
the Jews were trapped,
they had a very slim chance,
as thousands headed toward the south of France, tired feet,
crowded streets,
some being picked off by German planes, as death greets,
but the Jews had hope as they traveled far, in a steady procession of cars,
on the roads that were narrow,

some in wagons and wheel-barrows,
but all filled with frightened people,
God’s forgotten children,
Holland, Belgium and France felt the heat, as they collected refugees,
and they collapsed in defeat,
during Hitler’s rise,
and through the clouds, God spies,
without any real plan,
and it was when religion failed Man.

First Stage Rigor *68

What vanished was hope,
she was strangled with a rope,
then brutally disemboweled with something sharp, her body wrapped in a dirty tarp,
although she was fully clothed,
the fear was clear,
she had a fresh vaginal tear,
the pathologist felt the frustration,
she knew there was some type of molestation, but vaginal, anal and oral swabs
came up negative for semen,
but she had to confirm
that rape was firm,
what was clear and what remained,
was the six deep wounds to her chest,
that she sustained,
the pathologist did her best,
to keep the body clean,
as it appeared to be coming out of first-stage rigor, ghosts would stream,
as the young girl lost all possible dreams, as the drama would play,
the young girl was probably held captive for more than a day,
given the absence of decomposition,
and in her stomach was an extra meal
that her body tried to conceal,
her will
was destroyed by this over-kill.

Framed In The Small Window * 69

Framed in the small window
is the old man from the south-side of the street, nothing on his feet,
he was the only witness to the rape,
yet he sits in poor shape,
his zipper down,
the buttons on his soiled work shirt secured, as he tackled the town,
blinking, night of drinking,
as the policeman watches him rub his eyes, slumped against the metal chair,
at times flailing at imaginary flies,
but sits with no fear,
in fact he showed no care,
wrinkles on his face,
as he scratched himself in a forbidden place, the policeman just watched from the door,
knowing that he was roused from stupor and squalor, less than an hour before,
the old man was now fully awake,
and waiting patiently in the empty room,
he was freezing,
his breath wheezing
in regular intervals,
he was their only witness in the case,
and a guilty verdict is what they’ll chase.

Vague Sense * 70

He tried to remember
how he arrived at his present situation, rope hugged his chest,
his memory was hazy at best,
bleeding lips and fists,
as he felt the bond
at his ankles and wrists,
his will was demanding,
as he tested his strength against them, and found they were commanding, they were more than capable of standing up to his best efforts,
voices would chatter,
then stopped to reconsider the matter, he knew there was a stranger,
but he could not recall,
any of the vague sense of danger.

In The Form Of Tears *71

During the night
there was no light
and no sound,
as God looked down,
for the first time felt apprehension,
then he quickly fought
to rein in his concerns,
love is what he taught,
it was absurd for him to worry,
he realized,
Man was created in his own image,
so concerns should never have materialized, but what he fears
are all the prayers coming,
in the form of tears.

Obediently Black *72

It was cold beneath the earth,
yes, cold beneath the ground,
the devil’s gaze had wandered
farther down,
as everything holy just caved,
his long, tapered fingers waved
in the air for a moment,
as he tried to come up with
an appropriate equivalent to death,
souls would hold their breath,
they thought it was a misjudgement, an error, but nothing would stop the terror,
as the day went obediently black,
horror would stack,
and the haunting images would attack.

His Heart Would Ache *73

He took in a deep breath,
after he learned of her death,
he strode into the hospital
like a force of nature,
reasoning exploded from the top, he would not stop,
security tried,
but his mind was tied,
his strength and anger complied,
it was simply a medical mistake, but one he could not take,
the issue was rough,
but sanity had enough,
death entered while she was fully awake, his heart would ache,
as his sanity would break.

Criminal Justice System * 74

For her, it was a day of gloom,
by measured steps,
she walked her husband into the crowded courtroom, where all is suddenly silenced,
the judge, the lawyers, the jury,
in that silence she felt the fury,
over their lives,
the trial took command,
as she guided him into the witness stand,
it was cold, but she felt the heat,
the lies should come quick and neat,
she touched his shoulder, whispered,
then retreated to a seat,
murder still carried a stench,
as the judge was quite a figure on the bench, quiet, serious and tall,
hoping justice would not fall,
the only female juror sat in the front row,
waiting for the show,
really wasn’t sure,
as she slumped in her chair,
and just stared at the floor,
a murderer sat near,
but she knew he was innocent
until proven guilty,
then she thought about it,
the murderer would sit,
and two Jewish lawyers,
would argue the question
of a black man’s freedom,
and she continued struggling,
to find out if the legal system was real,
or did the murderer accused have enough money to work out a deal.

A Detective’s Point Of View *75

She was home alone,
but to murder someone in a home,
a killer has to first gain entry,
use some type of concentration,
so the victim could suffer a brutal strangulation, if the killer sprayed bullets around,
you’ll find holes in the walls and floors, windowpanes and doors,
either way,
something is gained for the investigator, sooner or later
the killer could be caught,
perhaps a little cat and mouse,
but from a detective’s point of view,
no crime scene is better than a body in a house.

Preamble *76

The judge calls the court to order, and begins his preamble,
explaining the legal arena to the jurors, the lawyers ramble,
taking a legal gamble,
the clerk rises,
do you swear to tell the truth,
and nothing but the truth?
There was fear,
he felt it there,
I do,
his voice was clear,
there was also a young white girl, crying softly in the back tier,
he was on the justice stage,
and he almost felt the judge’s rage, the accused,
staring with strange fascination
from the defense table,
just a few feet away,
the testimony, clean and neat,
and not guilty would find him that day.

No Solace In The Morning Light *77

Piercing gunshots filled their ears,
there was no time to show the fears, blood invaded their nose and eyes,
and everything around them up and dies, protestors back home could never realize the danger that lines their breath,
and the air just smelled like death,
the blood poured down like rain,
only death could help ease their pain, hearts aching, stomachs weak.
A little rest is all they seek,
but there was no solace in the morning light, rarely are they moved to weep,
as terror continues to fill their sleep, falling bombs would never stop,
exploding on villages as soldiers drop, some cling to a cross and pray,
but there was no God there that day, and all hope is turned away,
death was quiet, but it had lots to say.

Like Dust *78

rotten to the core,
religious wars,
are really civil wars,
Man against Man,
fighting for a false Holy land, and one believer’s messiah
is another’s blasphemer,
God stared at them,
throughout time,
he could almost see the wheels turning in their minds,
it was so easy to detect,
even though God is God,
religion lacks respect,
and the wars make humanity a suspect,
God counts the bloody seasons, humanity would have
one of a dozen reasons,
to block his light,
with every religious fight,
years and centuries
of religious distrust,
makes war become a must,
as souls take to the air collectively, like dust.

All The Time Praying *79

Death was always certain,
that goes without saying,
she sagged against the wall,
all the time praying,
shaking her head as she lets it fall, slightly onto her chest,
putting her faith to the test,
she looked down at his picture in a frame, love never felt the same,
rather then say anything,
she took it up in her arms,
and in constant prayer she’d sing, and rocked gently back and forth with it, it was that fatal heart attack,
but she was the one who took the hit, left alone while he’s dead on his back, her sanity would sit,
she took a deep breath,
dropped the picture frame,
without emotional shame,
as she just couldn’t accept his death.

Postmortem *80

The ghost knew,
the sights,
the frights,
the lack of heart pounds,
all sounds,
the smells,
there was nothing else,
no more time,
the crime,
no matter how stark,
brutal and dark,
pale against the process
by which the murdered
are dissected and examined to find the cause,
the ghost would pause
at the legal clause,
and the necessity
of the postmortem examination, what frustration!

A Single Ligature Mark * 81

It was the illusion of tears,
and nothing more,
the rain couldn’t wash away the fears, but it was looking to seed,
as it collected in small beads,
and ran to the hollows of her face,
her dark brown eyes fixed wide,
lost was her grace,
she had nothing left inside,
she stared across a wet pavement,
but she didn’t see a thing,
as comfort was what the rains would bring, during the rainfall she didn’t budge, her clothing were dirty and smudged, blood dripped,
her clothes were ripped,
blotted red where life ran out,
a single ligature mark,
the deep impression of a cord or rope, was the ending of all hope,
the impression traveled the entire
circumference of her neck,
just below the base of her head,
it was mind tossing,
as she sat there, dead.

The Crying Of Children *82

Hungry children, cry quietly,
during their sleep, they weep,
they starve at night, hungry and no light, no food,
they cry for love, for God’s breath, for silence,
some cry for death.

Smoke Cleared *83

The violence had ended,
silence was the only thing you could hear, everything around her, bright red, her mother was dead,
so it would appear,
what was missing
was the tip of her right ear,
and there was blood
all over the side of her face,
her father was also dead,
she could tell just from looking at him. She leaned against the door,
his body was on the floor,
twisted at an impossible angle,
she feared,
smoke cleared,
his eyes stared,
she didn’t know if it was into the air, or at her,
their ghosts would shout,
her mouth moved,
but nothing came out,
then she lapsed into unconsciousness, stunned,
her future, done.

Avoiding The Holy Light *84

His ghost pleaded,
as his spirit made demands,
he gripped the pistol with both hands, holding it as tightly as he could, his ghost was traumatized,
and that was his whole life,
he realized,
leaving behind a child and a wife, his entire existence
boiling down to this moment
of darkness hidden by the night, avoiding the holy light,
never given sanity a chance to fight, he would cry,
like a coward,
and in his mind’s eye
he saw their faces,
lonely traces,
he felt his faith beginning to waver, life was starting to fail,
it left no trail,
his ghost had enough,
as it would just sail,
he heard a child shout,
as the final shot rang out.

All Creation *85

Good stood above all creation, it was quite a sensation,
the magma rising,
so strange,
but creating islands,
and a mountain range,
the sky once black,
now blue,
and the plates,
God knew,
were like the cracked
pieces of an eggshell,
land mass stacked,
and as far as he could tell
almost as fragile,
everything created with love and trust, as life came from holy dust,
from beneath the fragile crust,
life stays,
and it took all creation just six days.

No Spirit Is Alone In Heaven *86

She looked toward the skies,
into the darkness,
there were haunting cries,
but around the angel,
the fear flies,
she could just imagine the warmth
in his hidden eyes,
the angel made no demands,
there were no commands,
she simply had to understand,
that no spirit is alone in heaven,
and that was God’s designed plan,
she looked toward the holy ground,
and realized that there were two rides, one going up and the other going down, and the angel had compassion for both sides.

A Quivering Hand *87

There would be no more harm,
as she wrapped her arm
protectively around her children, she briefly closed her eyes,
head titled toward the skies,
at first,
everyone could see
the indecision on her face,
there was a trace,
but now her family would be free, and they could get out of that place, that’s when her mind took command, she made a stand,
as she pointed a quivering hand, toward the hostile, guilty man,
the terror would end,
and by the way he stared, she could tell, as he sat silently
in the holding cell.

Sting, Sting *88

He rasped,
fell to his knees,
covered in bees,
like a coat,
thirst filled his throat,
death teaches,
darkness preaches,
as he reaches
toward the sky,
it was almost a mental thing,
because he doesn’t cry,
there was a sting, sting,
and then another followed by another, sting, sting,
death angels would sing,
and life would try,
as death brings in a new way to die.

A Development *89

He was frightened,
as he put on his coat,
his lips tightened,
and he cleared his throat,
angels wept,
as he strangled her
while she slept,
it was way after the fact,
his emotions would melt,
and her ghost looked every bit amazed as he felt,
never in all his wildest dreams would he have thought to kill her, it was a development
no one had foreseen,
he tried to disguise his grief, as her ghost shook her head in total disbelief.

Young Innocent Life *90

Young innocent life
humans would destroy,
the priest leaned over the boy
and placed a crucifix
on the bandages
that covered his thin chest,
hiding the frustration,
the priest did his best,
loss of concentration,
praying as the injured boy would rest, he waited a while,
then offered only a sympathetic smile, sweat drenched the bed,
his soul clenched, dark red,
nothing to do as he simply walked away, shaking his head.

A Chorus Of Complaints *91

The thick clouds followed the contour of golden hills, moving with a flock of sea ghosts,
traveling through the coast,
it was a strange return,
for the young men who would burn,
after the explosion left the sea,
tears hid beneath God’s polished cheek-bones,
as war ghosts were floating beyond
the green tangles of wilderness,
life done, survivors none,
as clouds passed over the sun,
life wanted more,
but the angels knew that wasn’t possible,
as their angelic feet threaded lightly over the mosaic floor, there were no choices,
as the soldiers heard the voices,
passed loved ones came to show the way,
with candles lit for such a dreary day,
death had no restraints,
but life echoed a chorus of complaints,
dark shadows were contemplating,
and God was weary with waiting,
his voice thundered with indignation,
as he witnessed the doom,
and the spirits took their time,
inspecting their burial tomb.

New Life... *92

The clouds held tight,
the moon, full and very bright,
stars swaying
into the night,
the hordes of laughing and playing spirits that dotted the graveyard vanished, swallowed up by the light,
their darkness did fall,
and the ghosts stared in awe,
wondering if that was th realm
of life and death,
as they held their breath,
expecting an illusion to be real,
that’s how they would feel,
the past ceased to exist,
became only a memory,
then lost in defeat,
as God looked down,
at the water splashing over his feet, forgetting the dead,
as the endless robin’s egg
blew above his head,
new life...
would soon shed,
then spread,
enough said.

Darkness Consumed The Day *93

The demon twisted a branch to break it, the girls would sit,
his apparently violent action
caused the girls to crouch in fear,
they sensed danger was near,
as the demon’s nostrils flared,
and he continued to glare,
the girls just stared,
then like frightened children, turned away, darkness consumed the day,
the girls shrank back,
nothing left to say,
and they just waited for the attack.

Slow Sweat *94

Haze covers the town,
people crawling around,
under the pitiless, cloudless blue sky, they cannot see God’s watching eye, faces pale,
when they should be red from the heat, the wind would fail,
and it couldn’t cool even if it could cheat, the slow sweat,
darkening underarms and shoulder-blades, on all the dresses and shirts,
the day fades,
but the night continues the heat,
then repeats,
sweltering heat,
repeats and repeats.

Hope Dimmed To Black *95

Death took too long,
something was wrong,
there was no concentration,
but there was a scream of frustration, he felt a surge of panic,
he thought black magic,
it was something tragic,
shooting pain,
driving him insane,
followed by a massive heart-attack, and hope dimmed to black.

Life Refused *96

Death came in through the clouds, the banging was loud,
spirits would shout,
voices, so many voices,
few choices,
as they began to shout,
calling out,
God could not make out the words, but he could hear the panic
in their shouts,
the earth eroded,
as the sun exploded,
taking with it all life,
God understood enough to be confused, as death consumed,
humanity abused,
and life refused.

The Rain *97

a sudden cold breeze,
then a crash of thunder
rocked the trees,
the rain suddenly became a deluge, roaring, pouring,
washing away
everything in its way,
the ramble,
there was a hurried scramble, for the shelter of doorways,
and parked cars,
everyone on the run,
then in just a moment’s time, out came the sun,
the rain,
had just ended its campaign.

Pharaoh’s Daughter *98

Hidden in the darkness,
was the fears,
she would sound out the tears,
filling the rivers
as she avoided the stares,
seeing the slow approach of men coming from the sun’s glow,
wearing striped head-cloths
bowing down low,
as if waiting for command,
like rigid figures in the sand,
she did not want them to see her cry, because she knew God
would send thunderbolts from the sky, her cries
would make men pluck out their eyes, so she did her best,
as she stared out at the hundreds
of pieces of living human flesh,
her eyes red,
but she thanked them,
with just a slight inclination of her head.

Darkness Would Shift *99

The room moved,
and there were voices,
so many voices in her head,
so the doctors thought it best
to restrict her to bed,
mostly because the weight on her chest, and her sleep patterns remained erratic, followed by a momentary static, a voice boomed
across her bedroom,
followed by silence,
a loud silence,
as death waited,
hunkered down in her closet
on a pile of dirty clothes,
darkness would shift,
spirits would lift,
as she fought the temptation to drift, through memories she’d sift,
trying not to forget her life,
then she’d weep,
fight the urge to sleep,
and life would fall too deep.

A Forbidden City *100

A future so dim,
a life of filthy sin,
she was selling her body,
which was intense and thin,
she once thought fancifully
that her body was a forbidden city, she felt her family’s pity
burning in her heart,
and it just all fell apart,
as strangers had now fallen
to the temptation of looting
her forbidden city,
she no longer felt the pity,
and her future was bought,
by men with dirty thoughts,
that combined with the brooding sense of danger,
the false heat, the disgusting lust, no protection, no trust,
all hope lost, as it filled her head, and her once forbidden city, now dead.

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