Tick Tock, Don't Stop - A Manual for Workaholics HTML version

He works sixteen hours a day, seven days a week.
Where did the time go?
A woman’s work is never done.
I’ve got to keep busy.
I’m swamped with work.
There aren’t enough hours in the day.
A man works from sun to sun.
I don’t have the time.
I have got to run.
She is a slave to her work.
Time waits for no man.
She’s just so busy.
The above phrases should sound familiar. Taken in
combination, some may even seem contradictory but they all
apply to our non-stop pulsating world. When I began this
book, I had a different title in mind, but I think the current
one more aptly describes my intent.
This work is all about “work,” which is an obsession
with many people on this planet. Human beings can’t relax
and spend time doing nothing, but instead need to keep
“busy.” Most people in the new millennium must be