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Top Spots of Tibet
The Spiritual and Political Capital of Tibet.
Before you go
“Heavenly Lake” of Tibet, its touching beauty
should not be missed by any traveler who visits
02 Best time to Go
03 Why Travel to Tibet
04-06 Tibet Permit & Visa
07 Useful Maps
08 Getting There & Away
Everest Nature Reserve
Once-in-a-life journey to experience the earth's
highest mountain.
09 Luggage Allowance
10-11 Food & Drinking
12 Shopping
‘Pearl of Tibet Plateau’, where the climate is
13 Where to Stay
14-15 High Altitude Sickness
16-17 Festivals & Events
18 What to Pack
subtropical, rice and bananas are grown, four
seasons are seen in the mountains.
19 Ethics and Etiquette
The cradle of Tibetan civilization.
20 Money & Credit Card
21-22 Useful Words & No.
22 Tips for Photographing
Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar
Two of the most far-flung and legendary travel
destinations in the world. Many of the pilgrims on
Experience Real Tibet
23-25 Top Experiences
26-29 Lhasa & Around
the road have been planning a visit all their lives.
26 Overview
27 Recommend tour
28-29 Eat in Lhasa
Best Time to Go
30 Drink & Nightlife
31-32 Central Tibet
Climate is not such a major consideration when visiting Tibet as many people might imagine. For a place
nicknamed ‘The Land of Snows’, there’s a surprising lack of snow. Winter is very cold, many restaurants are shut
33-34 Everest Region
35-37 Kailash & Manasarovar
and snow can close mountain passes, but some travelers swear by the winter months. There are few travelers
about at this time and Lhasa is crowded with drokpas (nomads).
38-39 Eastern Tibet
Recommend Itineraries
Spring, early summer and late autumn are probably the best times to visit Tibet. March is a politically sensitive
month in the country and there is occasional tightening of restrictions on travelers heading into Tibet at this time,
40-41 Other Top Road Trips
but the weather’s pretty good. April brings reliable weather in eastern Tibet and discounts on accommodation and
What’s What
vehicle rental in Lhasa. Mt Everest is particularly clear during April and May.
42 Who we are?
43 Our Advantages
From mid-July through to the end of September the monsoon starts to affect parts of Tibet. (The months of July
and August bring half of Tibet’s annual rainfall.) Travel to western Tibet becomes slightly more difficult, the roads
44-45 Get back to Tibet
46 Your Crew
to the east are temporarily slashed out and the friendship and sometimes becomes impassable on the Nepal side
or on the border itself.
47 Why Travel with us?
48 Our Private Tours
49 Our Small Group Tours
Trips to Mt Kailash can be undertaken from April to October, although September and October are considered the
best months. October is also the best time to make a trip out to the east. Lhasa and its environs don’t get really
cold until the end of November.
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