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Through The Years
This is the third book of poetry that I have written, and published over the last
40 years or so. Those of you who have read either of my previous books – ‘Just
Me’ (1971) and “Through The Windmills of my mind” (1983) will recognise several of the
pieces in this book, along with some relatively new pieces with a link to the World Wide
Web and the Internet.
I have used the word published. That however, is just a dream. What it does mean is
that I wrote, typed, proof read, retyped, printed and photo copied them and put them into
folders myself. That means you wont find any of my books on library shelves, not just
Over the years, both readers and critics of my work have all come up with the same
question, albeit phrased in different ways – and that is – ‘Where do you find your
inspiration’? Well I could have used that old cliché that says 10% inspiration and 90%
perspiration; but that would not be true. I actually find it a close to home.
My inspiration comes from something that breaths, from something that has nothing to
do with culture or religion, class or creed. I find my inspiration in LIFE itself. Let me
In any one day of anyone’s life, they will have to face a whole myriad of feelings and