Three Unanswerable Questions HTML version

Periander A. Esplana (03/30/08)
Five years ago, this author published a challenge in his BIBLEMATHEMATICS website
which attracted many critics and skeptics. The title of the challenge is “Three
Unanswerable Basic Questions for Infidels, Skeptics and Critics” or “3Q Challenge.”
The challenge has been expressed as follows:
Mind-blowing Questions for Pseudo-intellectuals:
1. How do you know that you really know what you pretend to know?
2. Why is there something (or order) rather than nothing at all (or chaos right
3. What are your reasons behind your belief that truth is more preferable than
deception, right is better than wrong, and good is higher than evil?
The above three questions (3Q) which represent the three major fields of study
in philosophy are unanswerable. They cannot be answered by any skeptics,
agnostics, atheists, mystics, and infidels, no matter how cute and smart they
are! They can only answer the 3Q if and only if they will first assumed the truth
of God who revealed the Bible.
I challenge anyone who claimed to be in his or her sane mind even though they
do not believe the truth of Christianity to answer the 3Q. I will publish his or her
answers with my refutations unless he or she requested me not to do so. I will
not publish those answers which assumed Scriptural truth.
The following are the names of those who try to answer the 3Q, click the name
to read the answer with my reply:
N - O - N – E
Many infidels, skeptics and critics have indeed attempted to “answer” the three
questions (3Q) but none of them came up with any substantial answer that’s why this
author ignored them all. Either their answers were mere assertion of their blind faith to
unbelief or their answers included inconsistent assumption from Bible truth. In either
case, the so-called answer is disqualified for publication. But there is one infidel who is
persistent enough to display his “answer” which he published in a forum or on-line
discussion board ( [In this internet forum, this author participated
for a long time on the question of the meaning of life. The collision of two ultimate worldviews (Biblical
and Non-biblical) will be clearly seen in the exchanges between this author (with other Christian
apologists such as Josh McDowell) and the infidels, unbelieving “free”-thinkers, mystics, skeptics,
religionists, New-Agers, critics, etc. This writer printed one hundred twenty-five pages of them which he
hope to publish someday.] This author intentionally ignored it but the infidel published again