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Budgeting System for your New Home Business
I know this is probably not your favourite topic, but you'll be surprised how simple it is
to set such a system up. A simple budgeting system for your online business will
assist you to project and keep track of your cash flow. A basic budget for your
business should list both incoming monies and expenses. Its normal at the start of a
business to have some one-time costs that you need to pay to set up shop. Running
the business will require other expenses that you should be able to anticipate. For
the good health of your business, you must plan how to pay these expenses, using
your startup investment and the income that your business generates.
Appraisal of Expenses and Earnings
Budgeting requires that you estimate your expenses, then compare your appraisal
against your actual expenses. Calculate your initial costs first. These may include
licenses, business cards, flyers, brochures, internet connection, equipment
dedicated to providing your service or making your product. You should include your
estimated annual costs in your budget, such as renewing a business license,
marketing campaigns, local taxes, insurance. All these items, if required are costs
that most businesses pay only once per year.
So, your business budget should appraise your monthly or quarterly earnings.
Depending on if you have startup funds or you must generate income immediately,
you will also need to draw up a plan for meeting expenses on a monthly or quarterly
basis. The difference between your projected income and all of your expenses is
your business profit.
Design a Simple Budget Spreadsheet
This doesn't need to be anything complicated. You can use a spreadsheet like Excel
or use the free Open Office suite, which will let you get started without spending
money. The most useful budget for a business is easy to use. Try setting up your
budgeting system by using a template that has been designed for the spreadsheet
program that you chose. A Cash Flow template is a great way to see an overview of
the profit the business is making.
Spreadsheets are very flexible, and you can use the information in your initial cash
flow budget to build other worksheets that will help you analyze your business
finances. For example, in Excel you can create additional worksheets like 'a Break
Even Analysis' and 'Quarterly Self-Employment Tax estimates'. These and others
are useful to help your comprehension of your projected budget totals and your
actual experience. Its worthwhile to link these worksheets to your basic budget.
This is because, when the actual data becomes available, as opposed to just
estimates, you can adjust your business budget accordingly.