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Can a mere mortal like me make a living online?

Well, the answer is YES! But you need to be ‘in-the-know’. Now what do I mean by that?

If you're eager to earn extra money from home, you need to understand the rules of marketing. The same rules of marketing apply offline and online. Once you understand that, you will be already ahead of a vast percentage of the industry. But this knowledge alone is not going to push you forward.

There is great potential, but it will take a lot of hard work and sweat to see any kind of return. So lets get one thing clear here..... don't expect to make thousands in your pyjamas, if you're lazy, or without proper direction. It just won't happen......sorry guys!

Apparently, the most common cause of failure is QUITTING, just when success is within reach. Too many people, jump around between too many ideas, hoping to see fast payoffs.

So please bear in mind that the key to success lies with you finding a tested system.


This is the reason for this book. Stick with it and you will make a good investment for life.