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Developing Your Downline

You may hate me for saying this, but to make Traffic Exchanges work in the beginning, it’s important that you surf on a regular basis. A good plan is to put aside a few hours each day for this. It may seem like a lot of work at the start, but you will soon reap the rewards of increased traffic to your site! Believe me, the extra hours are worth it!

Since keeping up a schedule of surfing every day can be time consuming, not to say boring, the best long-term strategy for benefiting from Traffic Exchanges is to build your own downline. This is a group of people that you recruit to join a Traffic Exchange under you.

Whilst members you’ve referred surf and recruit others – you will receive credits. As your downline increases, you’ll be in the position to cut back on the amount of time you personally surf. So, in an ideal situation, you’ll eventually have a large enough downline, meaning that you won’t have to surf at all! In addition, you’ll still be getting lots of targeted traffic. Great huh!

Ensure to build a good relationship with each member of your downline. Please be good to them, you'll need them for your overall stratergy. Start by sending all new recruits a personalized welcome email. Thank them for joining and encourage them to contact you if they have any questions. This is also a good time to share with them any tips that have helped you make the most of Traffic Exchanges.

Remember, above all, encourage them to recruit new members. Because Traffic Exchanges offer you credits and/or cash for referrals that your downline make, it makes sense to have them recruit as many people as possible.

A great tool for making a list and creating downlines with Traffic Exchanges is: TE Toolbox: Tracker, Rotator, Splash Page Maker...All In One Spot...FREE!