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What is a Traffic Exchange?

A Traffic Exchange (or hit exchange as they are sometimes referred) is a green Traffic Alternative. In simple terms, you get exposure for your web site, banner ads, and even text links by looking at the sites and ads of other people.

But before you close down this ebook because you're thinking......... 'I don't have the time of day to view other peoples sites'........Please allow me to reassure you that you do not have to do that, as all exchanges sell advertising, so if your pushed for time you can buy ads without any work.

Traffic Exchange programs give you a very powerful and cost efficient way to :


See how your competition is targeting their campaigns


Put your product/service before a very diverse audience


See what other people are promoting


Brand your name, gain leads, which will help you make more sales

Its essential to open an account with each exchange you intend to use, because Traffic Exchanges are member based. This can be done in minutes, and for FREE exchanges it costs absolutely nothing to join.

Traffic Exchanges make use of a credit system. Members earn credits by getting involved in various ways, and then spend these credits on website visitors to their own pages, banner ads, text links etc.

By keeping your memberships active in a few good exchanges, you can generate a huge flow of traffic for any web site you wish to advertise. When these are used correctly, traffic exchanges can be an excellent way to promote just about anything.

So now I've filled you in on the ground work, you will now need to know what kinds of exchanges to use.


There are Manual Traffic Exchanges and Auto Surf Traffic Exchanges:


1 Manual - These are the exchanges that I tend to use, because you have to click to the next site after so many seconds. This means you have to see the page to click.

2 AutoSurf - Try to avoid these if possible.....because members can just switch it on and leave it scrolling from site to site whilst say watching their favourite program. No one actually needs to see your page and in my experience in the industry, many if not all don't see your pages.
Ok, now you know about the two types of exchanges, you need to choose a free or paid exchange.

FREE - As the name implies, a free exchange costs nothing to join or use and is a great method free advertising.

PAID exchange (or PRO exchange) necessitates a one-time joining fee. This can be good as it means that every person using the exchange has actually needed to draw out money from their own pockets and spent some money online. In my opinion, these produce better results than the free exchanges. The disadvantage is that there are obviously not so many members, so not as wide a reach.