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9 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

If you want to earn more money with your online home-based business, you will need to increase website traffic. Most newbie's struggle to drive traffic to their site. However, by using some of these easy steps, you can start to attract more visitors to your site, and put more money in your pocket. So, grab a cuppa tea and get reading!

Step 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO is explained in more detail later)

Most people will check out google, yahoo or other search engines to find out information they need on the web. Your job is to ensure that your page is wellindexed on these sites. Having appropriatate, well-written content with effective keywords can help you drive traffic to your site. Try to do research and figure out the most popular keywords to get more searches. Learning the dynamics of SEO will help you design your content so you can optimize your traffic and grow your business.

Step 2. Make use of Social Media

Make use of popular sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter......even the politicians have realized the potential of these sites for contacting people! These sites are really a great way to network and find people within your chosen niche. Go ahead and create a facebook account for your website. Join groups that are related to your website. Build up a fan base and try to work at it every day. Many companies will offer various bonuses to people for becoming a fan of their organization. Many of these social media sites also sell advertisements at a reasonable price.

Step 3. Get Linked Up

A good way to drive traffic to your site is to link to other webpages. Make sure the links are relevant to your site. Adding quality, relevant links to your site will enable get more visitors.

Step 4. Start a Blog

Well, search engines just...............loooooves blogs!. Setup up a blog and update it a few times a week with strong, relevant content to get more hits on your site. I've already discussed this with you in a previous chapter.

Step 5. Make Comments on Other Blogs

Do a search for other blogs within your niche, as this is a great way to network and attract attention. Try reading at least a few related blogs per day. Make the effort to make intelligent comments on these blogs, incorporating a link into your blog in an obvious way.

Step 6. Offer Freebies

Everyone on this planet loves freebies! Online promotions are a great way to attract steams of visitors and increase your websites popularity. Offer something that consumers will find hard to resist. That way the traffic will keep coming in!

Step 7. Post Articles

Try posting articles related to your site on certain online bulletins. Remember to include a link to your site at the end of your article. If people find your article interesting, they will also click onto your site. This is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site.

Step 8. Word of Mouth

The power of the spoken word should never be underestimated. Tell all your friends and relatives about your site. Its easy to make your own business cards and then give them out to people you know.. Place ads on notice boards in libraries, groceries stores and other places.

Step 9. Ensure that your site is User-friendly

Its important to make sure that your site is easy for people to understand and navigate. If not, people will just go some place else. Therefore, keeping the design simple, clean and user-friendly will make people want to come back for more.

I agree, getting green traffic to your site is a tremendous challenge for any business owner. Give yourself the power to succeed by using these simple steps to get unique visitors to your site.