Three Proven Ways to Make Money Online HTML version

Learn From Others. Whilst you surf, keep your eyes open for pages that catch
your attention. If you find them attention grabbing, chances are that are enticing
others too. What is it about the page that appeals to you? What made you want
to take action? This is very valuable information that you can use to improve your
own pages. Use it, its FREE.
Test it out! If you’ve installed a good tracking system you’ll be able to run tests
to find out what effect they have on your results. Try different headlines, graphics
and offers to see which ones get the best response.
Its been proven that the most effective way to test is using Split Run Testing. This
involves creating two pages that are similar but have one thing different (for
example different headlines). You show the two pages equally to your visitors
and see which one converts best. There are several scripts available to help you
do Split Run Testing very easily.
Your plan of Action For Generating Traffic Using Traffic Exchanges
It goes without saying that, the most effective way for you to grow your online
business using Traffic Exchanges will depend on what products and services you’re
offering. Some webmasters find that they get great results by offering an inexpensive
introductory product – while others use Traffic Exchanges simply to build their
mailing list.
Whatever you choose be sure to repeatedly test and track results. That’s the only
true way to know whether you’ve chosen the right plan for your business.
Direct Sales Letters
If you going to try to make a sale to Traffic Exchange surfers, it’s wise to note that
you have a very limited amount of time to catch their attention. So, this is definitely
not the appropriate time to offer your $199 e-course.
Alternatively, choose a product that is inexpensive, but so valuable that they can’t
pass the offer up. For example you may want to offer a special report for $4.99 as
your initial offering. You can then upsell those customers later on your more
expensive products. Remember, you want the customer to buy with his head
(quickly), not his heart.
Keep your direct sales letter simple and concise. By the way, every Traffic
Exchange user is busy surfing to gain credits for themselves. They do not have the
time or the inclination to read your long sales letter. To get their attention you need to
create a page with an attention-grabbing headline and clearly stated benefits FOR
THEM. Make sure it’s an offer they can’t refuse!